General Assembly 2017 Online

General Assembly (GA) is the annual meeting of our Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Attendees worship, witness, learn, connect, and make policy for the Association through democratic process. General Assembly 2017 (June 21-25) took place in New Orleans, LA, and online.

On-Demand Video, Audio, Transcripts, and Workshop Materials

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For reference you can still download the 2017 General Assembly Printed Program Book (PDF, 96 pages).

Worship & Music

Business & Social Justice

Public Witness

  • Public Witness: #LoveResists Rejoicing for Sanctuary & Solidarity

Memorial Service


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  • The Right to be Rescued: Climate & Disability (Video)
    Disasters disproportionately affect people with disabilities. As the frequency and severity of disasters rises with climate change, the courts have recognized that we have a right to be rescued. Hear the stories, learn about emerging best practices, and explore how you and your congregation can be part of creating solutions.
    Speakers: Patty Cameron, Rev. Suzanne Fast, Imari Kariotis, Els Nieuwenhuijsen

Activism and Organizing

  • Love Resists! Declaring Conscience & Taking Action (MP3)
    UUs are part of the movement defending people targeted, excluded, and criminalized under the current administration. Hear from grassroots organizers and partner congregations on how we are living out our Declaration of Conscience through non-compliance and action and are part of realigning the political landscape toward justice in our communities.
    Speakers: Jacinta González, Caitlin Breedlove, Hannah Hafter, Carey McDonald
  • Peoples Movement Assembly: Shared Liberation Decision-Making (MP3)
    The US Human Rights Network, Project South, and CELSJR will offer an interactive popular education training on grassroots governance, democracy, and shared liberation. This session will help participants develop their own intersectional analysis and plan for action.
    Speakers: Colette Pichon Battle, Esq.; Stephanie Guilloud; Rev. Deanna Vandiver
  • Organizing for Transformative Justice In Dangerous Times 1 (MP3)
    Transformative, intersectional justice is possible, if we shift how we organize. This multi-faith WeSayEnough! Campaign training exposes dominant narratives that allow destructive, divisive systems to prosper. This lens is crucial for organizing around what people believe-- faith and worldviews, challenging notions that power simply equals organized money or organized people.
    Speakers: Dr. Charlene Sinclair, Brittini Gray, Susan Leslie
  • Organizing for Transformative Justice In Dangerous Times 2 (MP3)
    Working from understanding that power equals fraud (false worldviews) plus force (state power over life and death), part 2 of this training helps organizers see how organizing can unintentionally reinforce dominant narratives. Traditional organizing starts with solving problems; here participants are given space to work from a collective strategic vision.
    Speakers: Dr. Charlene Sinclair, Brittini Gray, Susan Leslie

Addressing the Refugee Crisis

  • The Rise of Crimmigration: Rhetoric and Real Talk (MP3)
    A fundamental human rights principle is that everyone has the right to leave their country. Yet, deportation policies targeting “criminal aliens” will likely widen to even more draconian effect under Trump. This workshop explores increasing criminalization of migrants, including incarceration, and provides organizing strategies to protect vulnerable community members.
    Speakers: Josh Leach, Katia Hansen, Jan Meslin


  • Centering: Navigating Race, Authenticity, and Power in Ministry (Video)
    The Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association’s Committee for Antiracism, Anti-Oppression and Multiculturalism and Skinner House Books celebrate the publication of “Centering: Navigating Race, Authenticity, and Power in Ministry.” Writers will read from their chapters about the experience of clergy of color exercising power at the center of historically white institutions.
    Speakers: Rev. Mitra Rahnema, Rev. Walter LeFlore, Rev. Josh Pawelek
  • The Fire Of Love: Sheikh Ibahim Abdurrahman Farajaje (MP3)
    Ibrahim Baba is celebrated around the globe for his revolutionary spirit, brilliance, humor, and counter-oppressive activism. Ibrahim Baba educated generations of Unitarian Universalist ministers and progressive religious leaders. Having returned to divine splendor this year, we celebrate his visionary life and prophetic scholasticism through poetry, art, memories, and ecstatic devotion.
    Speakers: Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae, Pir Issa Golitzen Farajaje Chishti, Rev. Dr. Gabriella Lettini, Rev. Dr. Sofia Betancourt

Black Lives UU

  • BLUU Organizing Collective: An Introduction To Anti-Blackness (MP3)
    Anti-blackness is a global phenomenon that affects people in every cultural and ethnic group. Within larger systems of structural oppression, it translates to higher rates of social ills, including poverty, unemployment, poor health outcomes, and substandard housing. We will also discuss the impact of anti-blackness in our congregations and beyond.
    Speakers: Lena K. Gardner, Dr. Michael Dumas, Dr. Takiyah Amin, Kenny Wiley

Building Relationships/Cross-Cultural Engagement

  • Intent vs. Impact: Identity, Culture, and "Civility" (Video)
    In this experiential workshop, we start off by acknowledging, honoring, and sharing our respective identities and diverse cultures. We then consider and create ways to better bring authentic welcome, inclusion, and civility to our actions and our lives.
    Speakers: Rev. Dr. Hope Johnson, Starr Austin, Rev. Anya Johnston, Rev. Audette Fulbright Fulson
  • Turning to Wonder as a Justice-Making Practice (MP3)
    Justice work is more effective when done in partnership with others. Using the principles of Parker Palmer’s Circles of Trust model, the workshop will explore the practices of hospitality and “turning to wonder” when collaborating. It offers skills for leading authentically while in the “tragic gap” existing in all justice work.
    Speakers: Rev. Sharon Dittmar, Rev. Alicia Forde
  • The Welcome Table: Building Trust Relationships That Work (MP3)
    Relationship building and work for positive social change are the hallmarks of the Welcome Table, a program which bridges the divide between racial equity and racial healing. Experience the power of this dialogue-based process, a program of the William Winter Institute. Institute staff and New Orleans program participants will present.
    Speakers: April Grayson, Troi Bechet, Rachel Dangermond, Annette Hollowell Simons-Jones

Commission on Social Witness

  • Mini-Assembly on Statement of Conscience: Escalating Inequality (Video)
    The mini assembly is the only opportunity to propose amendments to the draft Statement of Conscience and to discuss its content prior to the vote.
    Speakers: Dr. Susan Goekler, Rev. Christina Sillari, Rev. Caitlin Cotter, Richard Bock
  • Taking Action to Make Democracy Work (Video)
    A panel of UUs working to address corrupting influences on American democracy, and a Clean Elections organizer, will share problems they are addressing and opportunities they see for action. Panelists include the author of the UUAs study guide, the CSAI proposer, and a young adult activist working on voter rights.
    Speakers: Dr. Elias Ortega-Aponte, Kindra Muntz, Dave Jones, Dr. Susan Goekler
  • Collective Liberation Decision-Making: Reflections For UU Social Witness (MP3)
    Following sessions on Collective Liberation Decision-making presented by Justice GA community partners, the Commission on Social Witness will conduct a reflection session for rethinking our Associational Social Witness. Let competition and urgency give way to new possibilities, enhancing the Association’s and the GA’s capacity to be justice centered every year.
    Speakers: Jyaphia Christos-Rodgers, Dr. Susan Goekler, Rev. Caitlin Cotter, Rev. Christina Silliari

Congregational Health

  • Transition: How We Are Is Who We Are (Video)
    Every transition is an opportunity to strengthen and improve a system. This workshop will illustrate how to model leadership in a way that empowers decision making based on skills rather than position. How we operate reflects our values and justice work starts at home.
    Speakers: Rev. Elaine Peresluha; Aisha Hauser, MSW; Jason Puracal
  • Emerging New Spiritual Communities: An Innovative Update (MP3)
    Learn about new forms of spiritual community that are attracting millennials and the “spiritual but not religious.” We’ll showcase several of the most promising ideas that might be adapted by your congregation and update you on our exciting work to inspire and support religions innovators... like you!
    Speakers: Rev. Don Southworth, Rev. Brock Leach, Rev. Sue Phillips
  • Upcycling Church (MP3)
    Join authors for an upcoming Skinner House book to learn about creative ways to use materials you have at hand in your church to transform and inspire. Find out how to “upcycle” your music, your building, your coffee hour, your intergenerational programs, your mission... to breathe new life into your congregation.
    Speakers: Rev. Christana Wille McKnight, Julica Hermann de la Fuente, Rev. Seth Fisher, Rev. Lee Paczulla
  • Outreach Revolution: Turn Out, Turn Up For Justice (MP3)
    It’s now or never. In Trump’s America, congregational participation is at an all-time high. Turn that energy into momentum by turning your congregation’s ministry outward and reaching new audiences. More than safety pins and love notes, learn social media, outreach, design, and empathy-building techniques to seize this justice movement moment.
    Speakers: Carey McDonald, Anna Bethea

Decentering Whiteness

  • What Does It Mean To Be White? (MP3)
    Dr. DiAngelo describes how race shapes the lives of white people, explains what makes racism so hard for us to see, and identifies common white racial patterns that prevent us from reaching racial equity. Weaving analysis, stories, and familiar examples, she provides the framework needed to develop white racial literacy.
    Speaker: Dr. Robin DiAngelo
  • #NotOneMore: Kalief Browder, White Privilege, and Racial Justice (MP3)
    ARTE will provide educators creative tools on dismantling white privilege and building knowledge in their own communities around the Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD), honoring the life of Kalief Browder. We will collectively brainstorm artistic strategies for organizing around racial justice and against white privilege.
    Speaker: Marissa Gutiérrez-Vicario
  • White Fragility (MP3)
    White Fragility is a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves, including argumentation, invalidation, silence, withdrawal. This workshop will provide the perspectives and skills needed for white people to build their racial stamina and create more racially just practices.
    Speaker: Dr. Robin DiAngelo
  • The Role of White Silence in Racial Discussions (MP3)
    Many white people fear saying the wrong thing in cross-racial discussions, and often choose to play it safe and hold back. This session will look at how white silence and the various rationales for it function in racial dialogues, and offer an anti-racist response.
    Speaker: Dr. Robin DiAngelo
  • Spiritual Practices For Dealing With Whiteness (MP3)
    Unitarian Universalists are committed to resisting white supremacy. White UUs need spiritual practices to help us persist when things get hard or uncomfortable and build our resiliency for the long haul. Come hear stories, share with others and do ritual together as we grapple with our whiteness.
    Speakers: Rev. Ashley Horan, Nora Rasman, Rev. Annie Gonzalez Milliken

Economic Justice

  • Farm Workers: Si, Se Puedes (MP3)
    How do Unitarian Universalists work with farm labor organizations for economic, gender, and environmental justice? How can Unitarian Universalists defend immigrant and migrant workers? Florida’s Coalition of Immokalee Workers is an anti-oppression organization that brings ethical behavior to the food industry. Your congregation can provide support.
    Speakers: Shelby Mack, Feryl Masters, Rev. Robert Murphy
  • Living the Intersection of Class and Race (MP3)
    In America today, the intersection of class and race can no longer be ignored. Our workshop will explore how class and race combine to shape one’s life experiences and worldview. With this understanding, we’ll look at how UUs can create a culture of radical hospitality and build strong intercultural partnerships.
    Speakers: Kellie Kelly, Rev. Lee Paczulla, Rev. Darrick Jackson, Chris Crass
  • Resist In Solidarity Against Out Top-Heavy Economic System (MP3)
    Most Americans know that our economic system is rigged, that it is also unsustainable, and many are angry. But how can we resist in solidarity - to transform this system? Also, to transcend anger and fight back in hope and joy with people of diverse identities, whether rich or poor?
    Speakers: Dr. Richard Wolff, Chuck Collins

Environmental Justice

  • Emergency! Climate Change and Environmental Justice (MP3)
    What does environmental justice mean during an era of climate change? Unitarian Universalists in the Southern Region have learned from experience. We’ll provide justice-making resources that your cluster and congregation can use. Learn about emergency services and the New Orleans response to Hurricane Katrina. Moderator: Rev. Robert Murphy.
    Speakers: Rev. Kenn Hurto, Rev. Jim VanderWeele, Paul Dalzell, Mary Sheehan
  • Justice For Women and Girls Sermon Award (MP3)
    On the 40th anniversary of the UUA Women & Religion Resolution, the winner of the UU Women’s Federation Sermon Award will preach on “justice for women and girls,” inviting conversation and action on the
    topics raised.
    Speakers: Justice Waidner Smith, Erin Walter
  • Decolonization Is Climate Justice (MP3)
    Our Industrial Growth economy is intricately linked to our history of colonization. How does colonialism manifest in modern times? How is it impacting our response to the climate crisis and the shift to a lifesustaining society? What are the ripple effects of the Indigenous-led Dakota Access Pipeline resistance?
    Speakers: Dina Gilio-Whitaker, Rev. Karen Van Fossan, Ronya Hoblit, Monique Verdin

Faith Formation

  • Living in the Tension: Faith and Racial Justice (MP3)
    Faith and racial justice principles often appear weaved together. In practice, however, challenges arise. What happens when we are asked to take a stand in a way that does not resonate? This workshop explores how “both/and thinking” supports an exploration of our points of resistance and potential for forward movement.
    Speaker: Dr. Shelly Tochluk ​
  • Children and Race: The Talk Is Too Late (MP3)
    By age four, kids have already internalized the message “white is better.” Yet often congregations, caregivers, and white parents don’t talk about race or racism until kids are older, if at all. What tools for adults can help children of all colors counter white supremacy and develop healthy racial identities?
    Speakers: Rev. Natalie Fenimore; Aisha Hauser, MSW; Rev. Sarah Gibb Millspaugh
  • Stories of Unitarian Universalists of Color Book Launch (MP3)
    ”Unitarian Universalists of Color: Stories of Struggle, Courage, Love, and Faith” consists of stories of UUs in the U.S., a 2015 GA workshop transcript and resources. Contributors will read excerpts from their stories, and two religious educators of color will lead the audience discussion in perspective with faith development.
    Speakers: Jessica York, Dr. Mark Hicks, Yuri Yamamoto, Dr. Chandra Snell
  • Faithful Resistance: Engaging the World Through Spiritual Deepening (MP3)
    Are you longing to ground yourself in this shifting world? Do you want to create in your congregation a support for courageously and joyfully addressing the brokenness of this world? Explore the power of UU Wellspring’s small group program that grounds participants deeply in UU values, spiritual practice, and theological depth.
    Speakers: Rev. Dr. Sarah Lenzi, Kimberley Debus, Sean Neil-Barron, Sara Smalley


  • Empowering Memories: Oral History As Acts of Resistance (MP3)
    Oral history can be an act of resistance when empowered communities create honest histories to correct the stale and safe stories we often tell ourselves. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn how to create and/or expand and correct oral histories that are radically inclusive of marginalized people.
    Speakers: Rev. Dr. Nicole Kirk, John Leeker, Claudia Espinel

Local Experiences

  • Big Easy / Real Life: An Immersion Experience (MP3)
    Participants will work on a rebuilding project that helps families displaced by Hurricane Katrina to return home. With support from Long Haul staff and SKSM faculty, participants will immerse themselves in the culture and history of New Orleans and learn more about local movements for racial, economic and climate justice.
    Speakers: Patty Cameron, Betsy Bowles, Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt, Rev. Lindi Ramsden
  • A Luminous Brotherhood: Afro-Creole Spiritualism and Social Justice (MP3)
    Conrad Wright Lecture: This lecture introduces the practice of Spiritualism among a small community of Afro-Creole men in nineteenth-century New Orleans and a world of spirits that guided these men as they sought to make New Orleans, the South, the nation, and the world a more just and moral place.
    Speakers: Dr. Emily Clark, Rev. Dr. Nicole Kirk, Rev. Mark Harris
  • UU Common Endowment Investing In New Orleans Communities (MP3)
    One percent of the UU Common Endowment is invested in Community Investments. Learn about how UU Community Investing works towards economic, racial and environmental justice. Specific presenters include financial leaders remedying food deserts and access to capital by African Americans in the New Orleans community.
    Speakers: Bill Bynum, Alden McDonald, Joan Cudhea, James Madison


  • Building a Broader Web: Fostering Your Adult Community (MP3)
    If congregations wish to learn, grow, and engage deeply in social justice, we must recognize and celebrate the resources, gifts, and challenges brought to the table by people of all ages. Participants will learn and discuss strategies for nurturing intentional young adult communities that strengthen and sustain a multi-generational congregation.
    Speakers: Julie Bero, Katie Trossello

Racial Justice

  • Eight Tools for Powerfully Dismantling Systems of Supremacy
    Audio Recording and Handouts
  • Me: Grow Racial Justice For White Folks 1 (MP3)
    Guided by songs and stories, join in this distilled version of the Grow Racial Justice summer program! In this first of three sessions, we’ll explore our identities as white people, impact of whiteness on our spiritual lives, the internalized superiority we’ve learned, and strengthen our spiritual muscles.
    Speakers: Nora Rasman, Chris Casuccio
  • Interracial Families Resisting Racial Micro-Aggressions (MP3)
    Workshop presenters (Wilburn, Social Work Professor, & Patricia, Candidate for UU Ministry) will share stories of micro-aggressions and resistance as challenges that affront interracial families in negotiating daily life in a white hegemonic society. Methods of interpersonal communication will be offered to address racial slights and insults that perpetuate exclusion.
    Speakers: Dr. Wilburn Hayden, Patricia Trudeau

Religious Professionals and Church Staffing

  • Navigating the New Ministerial Transition System (MP3)
    Entering into Ministerial Transition? There is a new system in place for congregations seeking ministry. Come learn about the new approaches, both human and technological, and find ways to improve the odds for your ministerial search to go well.
    Speakers: Rev. Keith Kron, Christine Purcell
  • Compensation: Considerations and Complications in a Changing World (MP3)
    Economic justice begins at home. When making decisions about staff compensation, is your congregation expressing its values and mission? We’ll help you understand compensation philosophy so that you can develop sound policies and practices. Learn about the UUA Compensation Program, how it is evolving, and how you can provide input.
    Speakers: Jan Gartner, Rev. Richard Nugent
  • A New Way To Prepare For UU Ministry (MP3)
    If you are preparing for the ministry, currently serving as a minister or are a lay leader in a congregation which has people preparing for the ministry, we invite you to come learn how the new Ministerial Formation Network will strengthen the future of Unitarian Universalism.
    Speakers: Rev. Melissa Carvill Ziemer, Rev. David Pettee, Rev. Dr. Sofia Betancourt, Rev. Megan Foley
  • Alls Well That Ends Well: Staff Departures (MP3)
    Deliberately or suddenly, in joy or pain, after days or decades, every staff member eventually leaves. Regardless of the circumstances, employee leave-takings deserve consideration and care. Learn what to expect and what to do to facilitate healthy staff departures and to help congregants make meaning out of change.
    Speakers: Jan Gartner, Rev. Dr. Lisa Presley
  • A Unitarian Universalist Case For Radical Chaplaincy (MP3)
    UU chaplains play important roles in secular institutions. They model non-sectarian care for a world that is increasingly spiritual but not religious. Their work is also filled with challenges in settings where the inherent worth and dignity of those they care for is not always shared. Come hear their voices.
    Speakers: Rev. Karen Hutt, Rev. Dr. Jane Mauldin
  • Living Our Faith: Employer-Provided Health Insurance (MP3)
    The health insurance marketplace is increasingly chaotic with a struggling Affordable Care Act, more restrictive employer-provided health plans, and under-resourced public programs. In this mix, the UUA Health Plan is celebrating its 11th year of providing quality health insurance to congregational staff. Come learn the latest trends in health insurance.
    Speakers: Rev. Richard Nugent, Jim Sargent
  • Staff Conundrum: Creative Responses to Challenging Problems (MP3)
    The religious and civic landscape in America is changing. Organizations, which had responded to declining volunteerism by hiring additional staff, are finding it more difficult to maintain optimum staffing given personnel costs. Are there options beyond reducing staff and hours? Our workshop will explore creative responses to this staffing conundrum.
    Speakers: Jan Gartner, Rev. Richard Nugent, Connie Goodbread
  • Lessons of Culture, Power, and Trauma Response (MP3)
    Risks of exposure to trauma through violence or natural disasters are increasing in this era of climate change and racial and economic turbulence. Come learn lessons of culture and power from an urban organization serving families after homicide as well as from the UUTRM’s work during and after Hurricane Katrina.
    Speakers: Chaplain Clementina M. Chéry, Rev. Wayne S. Daley, Rev. Susan Karlson, Dr. Ted Jones
  • To Boldly Go: Choosing a Religious Education Career (MP3)
    Religious education is attracting The Next Generation and just in time! Hear stories of young adults who have pursued this vital, dynamic ministry as an intentional career path. Learn to prepare for and find a fulfilling professional position. Many seasoned religious educators are approaching retirement. Our faith needs you!
    Speakers: Andrea Lerner, Pat Kahn, Julie Rigano

Social Justice

  • Living in the Tension: Faith and Racial Justice
    Audio Recording and Handouts
  • UU Prison Ministry and Justice Beginning Today! (Video)
    The voices of our over 750 members in prison will be part of the conversation as we give you the tools to begin prison justice ministries today. Information will be shared on becoming a pen pal, sponsoring congregation, or CLF Prison Ambassador.
    Speakers: Rev. Meg Riley, Mandy Goheen, Sarah Prickett
  • And Then There Was the Word... (Video)
    Facilitator from Forward Arts offers a poetry performance and demonstrates how spoken word arises from the urgency of movements for justice and becomes a powerful tool for advocacy and engagement.
    Speakers: Donney Rose, Anna West
  • Black Power Challenges Liberal Religion: Fifty Years Later (Video)
    A retrospective conversation led by Dr. Mtangulizi Sanyika (aka Hayward Henry Jr.), founding chair of the Black Unitarian Universalist Caucus (BUUC) and Black Affairs Council (BAC), 1967-1973, highlighting the challenges and outcomes of the Black empowerment movement of the 1960s and its relevance to the movement for Black Lives today.
    Speakers: Dr. Mtangulizi Sanyika, Rev. Dr. Julie Kain
  • An Injury To All: Starr King Presidents Lecture (MP3)
    How do we address the lacerating awareness that we are partly victims, perpetrators and powerless witnesses of the intersecting oppressions that violate world communities and planet Earth? Addressing moral injury intersectionally, grounded in a spirituality of righteous interdependence, can offer us new tools in our struggles for healing and justice.
    Speaker: Rev. Dr. Gabriella Lettini
  • Advocacy and Healing In Uncertain Times: Relational-Cultural Theory (MP3)
    This workshop uses the intersectional Relational-Cultural Theory, to bridge differences and care for ourselves during difficult times. We offer techniques for connection that honor integrity and justice while fostering growth across relationship, creating spaces of supported vulnerability and mutuality to care for ourselves and the world.
    Speakers: Amy Makice, LCSW


  • Faithify: Mobilizing Networks For Rapid Response (MP3)
    Justice work necessitates rapidly responding to emerging events. FAITHIFY reaches funders at the speed of social media. Crowdfunding campaigns, like UU Presence with Standing Rock, connect faithful hearts to ministries in headline news. Learn to amplify your timely justice work, mobilize networks, and build active relationships with passionate funders.
    Speakers: Halcyon Westall, Hilary Allen, Rev. Karen Van Fossan
  • Funding Our Faith, Funding Our Future (MP3)
    The UU Funding Program will award $1,065,000 in grants to innovative, challenging projects that build our movements and community connections, increase UU engagement in justice work, and organize for systemic change. Come meet the people who give it away and see if your project can receive funding.
    Speakers: Hillary Goodridge, Rev. Tony Johnson, Rev. David Helfer, Rev. Patrice Curtis

Stewardship and Planned Giving

  • Our Enduring Legacy: End of Life Conversation (MP3)
    This Stewardship & Development workshop series engages our UU history in New Orleans & beyond to explore ways in which we can create & carry on our legacies. Learn about End of Life Conversations Ministry, Planned Giving, the Congregational “Death Cafe Series,” and reflections on Chaplaincy in New Orleans.
    Speakers: Rev. Janne Eller-Isaacs, Rev. Laura Randall, Rev. Dr. Jane Mauldin
  • The Legacy of the Spirit: Art, Justice, Worship (MP3)
    This Stewardship & Development workshop explores artistic creation - from ministry in dance & music rooted in social justice, to partnership between the Red Flame Hunters (an all-children Mardi Gras Tribe) & Community Church New Orleans to the local UU Church tradition of the Jazz Funeral for the New Year.
    Speakers: Edward Buckner, Rev. Paul Beedle, Erin Walter, Elizabeth Trotter
  • Our Evolving Legacy: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (MP3)
    This Stewardship & Development workshop includes a leadership vision arising from young adult organizing; the current relevance of Baton Rouge Unitarian’s “Naming Project” honoring 44 people enslaved on the former plantation land of the Church, and how our UU past can create a prophetic voice for the future.
    Speakers: Kadyn Frawley, Rev. Nathan A. Ryan, John Leeker

UUA Governance

  • Business Mini Assembly 1: First Principle Bylaw Amendment (Video)
    All GA business is conducted during General Sessions. Mini-assemblies offer opportunities in small sessions for delegates to speak on issues, find out more about individual items before voting, and propose amendments to the business item. Please read the Delegate Guide, Rules of Procedure and the proposed bylaw amendment in preparation.
  • Budget Hearing (Video)
    Each year the President presents a budget for the upcoming fiscal year and the following year to the Board, which the board considers for adoption. This hearing is an opportunity for delegates to understand the budget of the UUA in greater depth and to ask questions.
    Speakers: Lucia Santini Field Tim Brennan Christina Rivera
  • Business Mini Assembly 2: Sources of Accountability Bylaw Amendment (Video)
    All GA business is conducted during General Sessions. Mini-assemblies offer opportunities in small sessions for delegates to speak on issues, find out more about individual items before voting, and propose amendments to the business item. Please read the Delegate Guide, Rules of Procedure and the proposed bylaw amendment in preparation.
  • Considering Continental Leadership? (Video)
    If you want to participate in making our faith stronger in the future, meet with the UUA’s Appointments and Nominating Committees to learn about national leadership opportunities. Information about open positions and the roles committees play in the UUA will be presented. Help us build a stronger UUA by coming!
    Speakers: Rev. Joe Cherry Marcia Bowman Tim Atkins
  • UUA Candidates Forum (MP3)
    Candidates to serve on National Committees will be present to answer your questions about their hopes and goals for our UUA. Also present will be members of the Nominating and Appointment Committees.
    Speakers: Rev. Joe Cherry; Marcia Bowman; Tim Atkins; Aisha Hauser, MSW


  • Sustaining Justice Work Through Inclusive Worship (MP3)
    Our worship sustains our courage and stamina for justice work. Marginalized communities have challenged us to make worship more inclusive, embodying the world we dream about. The co-authors and worship leaders referenced in the 2nd Edition Skinner House book Worship That Works will discuss our recent lessons and challenges.
    Speakers: Rev. Dr. Wayne Arnason, Rev. Kathleen Rolenz, Rev. Theresa Soto, Rev. Josh Pawelek
  • Buddhist Practices To Support the Work of Justice (MP3)
    Join UUBF in a participatory, contemplative service with meditation, song, and reflections on how Buddhist spiritual practices can ground our activism and develop resilience for challenging times. Return to the body, open the heart, and renew your spirit for the work ahead! UU songwriter Mary Grigolia will lead us in song.
    Speakers: Rev. Florence Caplow, Rev. Catherine Senghas, Rev. Mary Grigolia, Rev. Patrice Curtis
  • CUUPS Summer Solstice Ritual: Shining Justices Light (MP3)
    Drawing on Pagan and Earth-Relating traditions we connect with spiritual power. Calling on the strength of the sun’s light, participants will journey to their own illumination and build awareness of how Earth- Relating practices can nurture us as we do the work to build the world we dream of.
    Speakers: Rev. Amy Beltaine, David Pollard, Edie Love, Debra Gilbert

Ware Lecture

  • The Ware Lecture by Bryan Stevenson is not available for on-demand viewing.

UU World Coverage

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