Congregational Finance & Fundraising

UUA Sponsored Insurance & Retirement Plans

The UUA wants to help our congregations live into their values by offering benefit plans that protect their employees, including health plans that reflect UU values. Aid funds are also available!

Annual Program Fund and GIFT

Learn how you can support and promote the work of Unitarian Universalism in the world by supporting our larger movement.

Grants & Loans

If you’re looking to build, buy, or renovate your spiritual home, we can help you finance it. Learn more about our Building and Loan Program & our First Home Grant.

Endowments & Investments

Do you seek to align with UU values through socially responsible investing? Are you establishing or maintaining an endowment? Check out our resources.

Financial Management

For sound financial management, your congregation needs robust systems for budgeting and accounting, as well as internal controls that offer protection of the congregation’s assets.

Congregational Fundraising

Ministry requires many gifts – including financial ones. Learn more about the tools and resources available to inspire generous giving in your ministry.

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