Religious Practices - What We Do

Rev. Marta Valentín on the chancel at General Assembly

We create change: in ourselves, in the world.

Seven days a week, Unitarian Universalists (UUs) live their faith by doing. Whether in community with others or as an individual, we know that active, tangible expressions of love, justice, and peace are what make a difference. Embracing peace, love, and understanding that goes beyond individual belief systems, we are creators of positive change in people and in the world.

The ways we do it:

Photo: A crowd from All Souls Unitarian Church in Washington, DC gathers outside the US Supreme Court for a voting rights flash mob in the summer of 2014. Courtesy of Standing on the Side of Love.

Chalice at the Service of the Living Tradition, General Assembly 2013, Louisville, Kentucky

A woman smiles as she greets a baby and the baby's parents.