Theme-Based Ministry

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Theme-based ministry, sometimes called theme-based church, helps create multigenerational connections as people of all ages explore common themes in age-appropriate ways. Theme-based ministry extends faith development beyond Sunday morning. Families can continue the conversation in the car ride home or over the dinner table; small groups that meet during the week can go deeper with the theme.

This model can be used with any sized congregation. We’ve seen it work in congregations with a worship attendance of 35 and in congregations with a worshipping community of 900+ with a full complement of theme programs taking place throughout the week.

Why Theme-Based Ministry?

  • Offer worship experiences with depth
  • Ensure a balance of theological and religious learning
  • Better integrate spiritually connected programming across the lifespan
  • Weave a central thread throughout all church programming
  • Build a cohesive theological understanding
  • Find common language and common symbols
  • Embrace a practical theology you use in everyday life
  • Meet the very real challenge of today’s busy families and intermittent church attendance
  • Give focus to your music and arts staff

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Theme-Based Ministry Resources

Theme-based ministry is happening in more and more congregations throughout our movement as a powerfully engaging way of focusing the life of a congregation on monthly themes through worship, religious education, small groups and other activities.

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Learn More About How and Why to Do TBM From Other UU Leaders

  • Theme-Based Ministry: A Keystone Habit: Practical Tips for Theme-based ministry (2015 Regional Workshop Recording) The Rev. Scott Tayler looks at a number of theme-based church models and discusses how to tweak those models to fit our own settings.
  • Deepening Our UU Faith through Theme-Based Ministry (2014 General Assembly Workshop Recording) The Rev. Matthew Johnson, Sheila Schuh (CRE) , Rev. Jan Taddeo, and Kathy Smith share their experiences with Theme-Based Ministry and tips on how to get started.