Reproductive Justice

Bismarck Mandan UU Fellowship and Church rallying for reproductive justice in front of the North Dakota capital building, March 2013

​Bismarck and Mandan UU Fellowship and Church rallying for reproductive justice in front of the North 
Dakota capital building.

Decisions about children, families and sexuality are some of life’s most profound. We advocate not only for the freedom of those choices in each person’s life journey, but also for the ability of all families and communities to realize a sense of wholeness with regard to their sexual and reproductive lives. We create safe and healthy environments for children in our faith communities and campaign publicly for just and compassionate laws for family planning, reproductive health, and gender equality.

What We Are Doing

Reproductive Justice

  • Our Whole Lives (OWL)
    Since 1970 we have advocated for and provided age-appropriate, medically accurate, comprehensive sexuality education. Developed in collaboration with the United Church of Christ, OWL is a series of curricula for every life stage and is considered the gold standard for comprehensive sexuality education grounded in progressive values.
  • Congregational Study/Action Issue (CSAI)
    We have been on the frontlines of reproductive rights for decades, and in 2012 Unitarian Universalists (UUs) across the country recommitted to reproductive justice, with a particular focus on how economic justice, racial justice, and health equity are a central part of this vital work. In June 2015 a Statement of Conscience was passed, calling on us all to take action for reproductive justice.
  • Mamas Day
    Mother’s Day is more than a day for flowers and pancakes. It's a time to highlight the aspects of motherhood that are not usually visible in the greeting card aisles, and to take action so that all families can thrive. It’s a call to honor the resiliency of all those who mother, especially who are weighed down by stigma in our culture.

Worship, Learn, and Live Your Faith


  • Congregational Resource Packet including a liturgical calendar, a sample worship, sermon examples and resources, a faith development guide, and much more.
  • Three Approaches to Reproductive Justice: Reproductive justice can be discussed in many different frames, including the “prophetic,” “multigenerational,” and “pastoral.” These three distinct approaches can help faith communities adapt a reproductive justice worship service or conversation to their unique needs.
  • Small Group Ministry Sessions: These 45-minute reflection sessions can be used by any group between 8-15 people for spiritual reflection. There are five different sessions available on a variety of reproductive justice topics.

Education and Connection

  • Comparing Frameworks: What are reproductive health, reproductive rights, and reproductive justice? Learn more about how these issues embody UU principles and values with an interactive presentation.
  • Safe Congregations: Our congregations adopt Safe Congregation Policies to help make congregations safe and welcoming places to all, working to prevent and/or heal from misconduct, sexual abuse, gun violence, and more.
  • Roe v. Wade Anniversary: Both in 1973, when the Supreme Court legalized abortion in their decision Roe v. Wade and now, too many women face significant obstacles to actually obtaining a safe and legal abortion. Every January, the anniversary is an occasion to celebrate history and recommit to a future of reproductive justice for all.
  • Reproductive Justice Advocacy Community: During the first week of every month, a UU community of people supporting reproductive justice gathers through webinars, conference calls, and more.


Effective justice ministry depends on partnership. UU partners for reproductive justice work, beyond the Unitarian Universalist Association, include UU State Action Networks, the UU Women’s Federation, and the UU Global Aids Coalition. UUs also join interfaith partnerships, such as with the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and the Religious Institute. Our secular partners include Strong Families and SisterSong.

The Mamas Day campaign from UUA partner Strong Families affirms all families.

Mamas Day Campaign

Our Whole Lives: Values-based sexuality education—at church.

Our Whole Lives

Taking Up Reproductive Justice: Unitarian Society of Ridgewood's Story

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