A Blessing for Planned Parenthood

hands holding a sign that says "Don't take away my birth control"

God of many names and mystery beyond all our naming,
Our time together today is a precious gift.
We gather in the name of justice in love and service to a higher good.
We gather in hope for a world where oppression of any kind is challenged.
We gather to spark the fire of commitment lit in every heart
that hears the voices of those pressed down and challenged to live lives free of coercion or are unduly discriminated against by laws that make decisions over their bodies without just cause.
We gather as a communion of all souls, to affirm that a holy love is for all without exception.
We gather to affirm that we will speak up everywhere and anywhere a woman is asked to underestimate her conscience.
We gather to support Planned Parenthood,
Laborers in the vineyards of advocacy, service to the health of all bodies,
and educators to all those who want to learn how their decisions about their health are life transforming.
We ask for a blessing today on this day, a day of gratitude;
A day to celebrate success in the face of adversity
and build a consistent hope for our world.