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Meet Your Field Staff!

We on your Congregational Life field staff are here to support you in your ministries, to guide you toward effective governance, to connect you with other congregations, to challenge you to be in covenantal relationships, and to companion you so that you feel known, cared for, heard, seen and affirmed as a member congregation of the UUA.

Congregational Life is made up of five regional field staff teams led by the Director of Congregational Life that work with district and regional boards to support the health and growth of congregations and other Unitarian Universalist communities.

Find Your Regional Staff

  • Supportive Youth and Emerging Young Adult Ministry

    Shannon Harper

    From LeaderLab
    Here’s some details and examples of how to practice supportive YaEA Ministry in 2020/2021.
  • RE and 8th Principle

    Paula Cole Jones

    From LeaderLab
    This is a recording of a webinar presenting ideas of how congregations are incorporating the 8th principle into their RE programs.
  • Meet Outside

    Eric Bliss

    From LeaderLab
    Your finance committee or your youth group wants to get out from behind the screen and actually speak and interact in person?  Is it advised?  Safe?

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