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Why Change Our UU Principles?

UUA President Rev. Dr. Susan Frederick-Gray explains that the current changes being proposed to Article II of the UUA Bylaws, which contains the seven UU Principles and Purpose, are part of a longer history of ongoing reflection and change as we live into the fullness of our living tradition.

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30 Days of Love Begins on January 16

Each week, from Jan 16 - Feb 14, Side With Love will feature a spiritual theme overlapping with an intersectional justice priority along with an array of offerings to help nourish your spirit and give gratitude and affirmation.

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What is Side With Love?

Supporting full inclusion for all bodies and backgrounds. Honoring our ancestors as we work for justice today. All this, and more, is Side With Love.

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Achieving Reproductive Justice Requires Both Urgency and Patience

By Jeff Milchen

Rev. Rob Keithan hopes we’ll recognize a hard truth: the June Dobbs v Jackson ruling, voiding key elements of Roe v Wade, was not due only to the activism of regressive justices but to fifty years of patient, strategic, and multifaceted organizing work by anti-abortion forces. How will we respond?

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UUs Commit to Addressing Ableism

A commitment building on the historic partnership with EqUUal Access ensures more resources and staff to address ableism within Unitarian Universalism and to support equity in the engagement of disabled people in society as a whole.

Addressing Ableism

2023 UUA Presidential Election

Unitarian Universalists, through their congregational delegates, will elect the next UUA President at General Assembly in June 2023. Get details about candidate nominees, how to run by petition, and more.

2023 Presidential Election

Swinging on the Garden Gate

By Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew

A stunning memoir of coming of age and coming out bisexual from award-winning writer and teacher Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew.

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