Unitarian Universalist Association

Mourning 1 Million Lost to Covid-19

The UUA honors the 1 million Americans who have died due to COVID-19 and continues to seek ways to support those who are most vulnerable within and beyond UU congregations.

Loss Of One Million

UUs Will Continue to Fight for Abortion Access

In response to a leaked draft Supreme Court decision apparently upending nearly 50 years of abortion access, the UUA reaffirms its commitment to reproductive justice.

Fight For Abortion Access

Unitarian Universalists Express Article II

In a beautiful collection of voices, Unitarian Universalists share Article II as currently written in UUA Bylaws. Learn more about proposed changes to this shared understanding of UU identity and community.

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Change From the Inside Out

By Elaine McArdle

Unitarian Universalist programs seek not only social justice in the wider society, but cultural transformation within.

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UUA Launches UU the Vote for 2022 Elections

UU the Vote is a nonpartisan civic engagement initiative focused on strengthening democracy and organizing for justice, accountability, and healing.

UU The Vote 2022

Alabama’s Anti-Trans Legislation is Dangerous and Dehumanizing

UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray responds with moral outrage to recent anti-trans legislation in Alabama and offers unequivocal support to all trans and non-binary people.

Antitrans Legislation Is Dangerous

Is Science Enough?

By Aviva Chomsky

Why social, racial, and economic justice are just as crucial as science in determining how humans can reverse climate catastrophe Available for pre-order...

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