Unitarian Universalist Association

Unitarian Universalists Adopt New Language on Core Religious Values

The UUA's annual business meeting brought more than 3400 Unitarian Universalists together online. Delegates also voted to embrace transgender people as a fundamental expression of religious values.

UUs Adopt New Language on Core Values

UUA Condemns Shooting at Pennsylvania Political Rally

In response to a shooting at a political rally in Pennsylvania where former president Donald Trump was injured as well as two others, and another attendee was killed, the UUA issues a statement upholding free speech and condemning the violence.

UUA Condemns Shooting

UUA President Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt Invites You to Join the 2024 Climate Justice Revival

Rev. Dr. Betancourt reminds us that the work of climate justice is the work of disability rights and the work of racial justice; it is gender justice and immigrant rights. Join us on September 28-29, 2024 as we reimagine this deeply intersectional work together and take part a UU Climate Justice Revival.

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Love at the Center: New UU Statement of Values Passes after Momentous General Assembly Delegate Vote

The years-long democratic process culminated with debate and the GA vote. A two-thirds majority was required for approval.

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UU Climate Justice Revival

In September, UUs will take part in a national Climate Justice Revival with inspiring collective worship, creative learning, new frameworks, and the chance to weave together the threads that have always linked our deepest commitments. We're entering a new era of climate action, where we cultivate relationships that lead to flourishing and transformative collaborations.

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Join UU the Vote

We are fighting for so much in 2024 and the work before us requires our compassion, consistency and commitment. This year UU the Vote will strengthen our local partnerships with state networks and key movement partners. Democracy calls on us all to mobilize towards our collective thriving. Will you join us?

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A Black Girl in the Middle Essays on (Allegedly) Figuring It All Out

By Shenequa A. Golding

A blazingly honest essay collection from a refreshing new voice exploring the in-between moments for Black women and girls, and what it means to simply exist...

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