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From the UUA President: Our LGBTQIA+ Siblings are Sacred, Whole and Divine

UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray responds to the devastating news of a shooting in Colorado that was a targeted act of violence against the LGBTQIA+ community.

Response to Club Q

Addressing 400 Years of White Supremacist Colonialism

2020 General Assembly delegates called Unitarian Universalists to support public policy that is decolonizing and to examine practices relative to Indigenous peoples, particularly the narratives regarding UU origins and US holidays including Thanksgiving.

2020 Action of Immediate Witness

Unitarian Universalists Express Article II

In a beautiful collection of voices, Unitarian Universalists express Article II as it currently exists in UUA Bylaws. After receiving feedback from across the Association, a new version of Article II is up for a vote at our annual meeting.

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Presidential Search Committee Nominates Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt

The UUA Presidential Search Committee announces their nomination of the Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt, an experienced leader and theologian in Unitarian Universalism, for UUA President for the 2023-2029 term.

Nominee For UUA President

UUs Commit to Addressing Ableism

A commitment building on the historic partnership with EqUUal Access ensures more resources and staff to address ableism within Unitarian Universalism and to support equity in the engagement of disabled people in society as a whole.

Addressing Ableism

Swinging on the Garden Gate

By Elizabeth J. Andrew

A stunning memoir of coming of age and coming out bisexual from award-winning writer and teacher Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew.

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