Safe Congregations

Congregational Incident Report

A form has been created for congregational leaders like yourself to report incidents of bigotry and hate as directed towards your staff and/or congregation. The information collected here will help support you and other leaders going forward.

Report a Congregational Incident

Our congregations strive to be safe and welcoming places to all. It is impossible to make a congregation 100% safe; however, there are steps that you can take to make your congregation safer while still creating a supportive space for learning, growth, and challenge as well as actively working for the inclusion and safety of all people.

This section contains resources for congregations to prevent and address violence, abuse, harassment, inappropriate behavior, and other threats to safety. The sample policies and suggestions contained here will help you take steps towards creating a safer congregation that lives our faith and values.

Professional Misconduct Complaints

  • Our ministers, credentialed religious educators, and credentialed music leaders are held to high standards for appropriate behavior. Our Office of Ethics and Safety handles Complaints of Professional Misconduct for these professionals who serve our faith. The UUA's system for responding to complaints of professional misconduct is grounded in principles of restorative justice and reconciliation.

Promoting Appropriate Behavior

Responding to Threats and Incidents

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