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Members of UU Metro Atlanta North Congregation, Roswell, GA have roadside witness, Nov 2016

Members of UU Metro Atlanta North Congregation, Roswell, GA have roadside witness, Nov 2016

Take Action: Resources for Justice
Take Action: Resources for Justice
Congregational Action

Justice is at the core of our faith. Our congregations are called to make a positive difference in our wider communities. We work to serve, to raise awareness, and to support and partner with people who face injustice. We advocate, organize, and act for justice to live out the values of our faith.

Join us!

  • #Love Resists: Activating people of faith and conscience to resist the harm inflicted by criminalization through safer, more just, welcoming, and sustainable communities. Learn more about Love Resists, sign the Declaration of Conscience, and explore our resources on sanctuary and solidarity.
  • Side with Love Campaign: Side with Love is a public advocacy campaign that seeks to harness love’s power to stop oppression. It is sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Association and all are welcome to join.
  • Service Learning (UUCSJ): The mission of the UU College of Social Justice is to inspire and sustain effective and spiritually grounded activism for justice. UUCSJ offers immersion learning journeys, justice training programs, summer internships, and direct volunteer opportunities with partner organizations in the U.S. and abroad. All programs are designed to help people cross boundaries, gain insight, and imagine new ways to make a difference in the world.

Tell us!

  • Share Your Actions: Has your congregation taken a public stance against intolerance and hate, instead witnessing for love and spreading our message of hope, caring, dignity and justice? Add your congregation's action or event to our map.
  • Show the Love: We are at a key moment in American history. Never has the Unitarian Universalist message of hope and healing been more important. As we see more and more visitors coming to our churches and our websites in the wake of the 2016 election, we must tap into the energy we feel. We will "show the love" because our nation is hurting, hate crimes are on the rise, and so many have been disturbed by the political process. We as Unitarian Universalists are being called to respond—may that call receive the answer "yes," and not just get a busy tone.
  • Defying the Nazis - UU Action Project: How are you carrying on the Sharps' legacy by defying hatred and discrimination today? Islamophobia and the Syrian refugee crisis are modern day parallels to the bigotry the Sharps fought against. Download tools and materials to help plan events and projects, and add your action to the map.

Shape UUA Justice Commitments

  • Social Witness Process: While called by various names, the social witness process is the method by which the UUA comes to understand and act on the social issues of our times, finally bearing witness through statements adopted as UUA policy by the delegates of a General Assembly (GA). The process has been an integral part of our faith the since the merger between the Unitarians and the Universalists in 1961. This process is congregationally driven and is facilitated by the Commission on Social Witness (CSW). Learn more about Actions of Immediate Witness (AIW), Congregational Study/Action Issues (CSAI), and Statements of Conscience (SOC).
  • Social Justice Statements: As an expression of our faith and values, the UUA takes positions on relevant issues of social justice. Our positions are discerned via the social witness process, as shepherded by the Commission on Social Witness. Grounded in these social witness statements, the UUA will sign on to letters and amicus briefs in coalition with other faith and social justice organizations, magnifying our impact in the larger world.

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