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Our country, indeed our world, faces extreme threats and challenges to the dignity of our people, the sustainability of our environment, and the creation of democratic processes for living together on this planet.

The Unitarian Universalist Association has a commitment to organizing at the intersectional engagement of the multiple identities of our humanity and unapologetically centering the dismantling of white supremacy. In the context of our times, it has become clear that the lack of an intersectional approach is harming our movements for justice. Our work is deeply informed by and narrated through both liberatory theology and a critical analysis of the political moment we are living in, grounded in prophetic faith and in solidarity with those suffering from and on the front lines of disrupting white supremacy. As a result of this determination, the UUA has created an Organizing Strategy Team that is focusing on four key intersectional priorities to strategically build power for creating justice at this time.

  • Climate justice, inclusive of indigenous sovereignty and climate resilience
  • Anti-criminalization, inclusive of racial justice and immigrant justice and the criminalization of poverty
  • LGBTQ and gender justice, inclusive of LGTBQ equity and reproductive justice
  • Electoral justice, inclusive of voting and voting rights, democracy and election year engagement.

If you’re called to get involved in intersectional organizing for justice, here’s how!

 Climate Justice

  • Spiritual grounding: "We believe in the profound lessons which nature teaches; lessons of struggle and adaptability, tenacity and purpose, endurance and growth, patience, balance, and the inevitability of cause and effect..." from "I Believe in Nature" by Florence Emmons
  • Why now? We are of Earth. Science tells us we have little time remaining to halt let alone reverse impacts of climate chaos. Each of the guiding principles of our faith are unattainable with widespread climate injustice and chaos. The current US government centers the rights of corporations over people and Earth, and sanctions state violence to protect corporate gains. We are called to engage this at every level possible.We can bring our vision, our resources and our selves into relationship with communities most impacted who are leading the way into sustainable and equitable futures.
  • What you can do: Join the growing UU movement; set up your account at createclimatejustice.net and subscribe to the Create Climate Justice Newsletter


LGBTQ+ and Gender Justice

  • Spiritual grounding: Bless all of us queer and lesbian and gay and trans and bi and nonbinary and beyond who lead in the path of spirit whether we are wanted or not, whether we are fearful or brave, whether we are out or not. from "Bless those who practice love: A blessing from the LGBTQ+ community of faith and spirit"
  • Why now? Learn more about LGBTQ+ and gender justice in this political moment.
  • What you can do: Ensure your congregation is continuing to practice welcome and inclusion by participating in the annual Five Practices of Welcome Renewal.

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Election Engagement 2020 and Democracy

  • Spiritual grounding: Our prayer is for democracy to be a spiritual practice of accountability that resists fascism. -Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen

The Fifth Principle of Unitarian Universalism calls for the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large.

  • Why now? With the increasing control of our government by corporate and special interests and the alarming rise of authoritarianism, we face many challenges to ensure democracy. At GA 2019 delegates voted to adopt a Statement of Conscience on the Corruption of Our Democracy.
  • What you can do: Join Us for a Webinar on Democracy & Electoral Justice 2020 on Wednesday, August 14th, 7 pm ET/4 pm PT. Speakers include:
    • Adam Eichen--Co-Author of Daring Democracy (Beacon Press, 2007)
    • Charlene Sinclair--Center for Race, Religion and Economic Democracy
    • Everette Thompson--Side with Love Campaign Manager
    • Susan Leslie--Congregational Advocacy & Witness, and others.

We will explore strategies from now through Elections 2020 and beyond, focusing on three phases of engagement from massive voter registration, ballot initiatives and advocacy, and all out Get Out the Vote! Register now.

2020 Update: Join Our UU the Vote Campaign!

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