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Unitarian Universalism is a faith home for people who seek to transform ourselves, our communities, and the world we share. We know that we need one another to inspire and support our transitions, discoveries, and spiritual growth. The Unitarian Universalist Association offers programs, curricula, wise words, and other roads to transformative experiences across the lifespan. Explore, by age and stage:


A family of two dads, a toddler son, and a baby daughter sit on a porch together.

Families discover faith together. Explore ways to nurture faith development in your home, with children, and in relationships.


Children drumming at First parish UU Bedford, MA.

Grow your children's resiliency, compassion, and ethics while building their sense of connection to all life on our planet.

Middle School Youth

Six youth pose wearing flaming chalice pendants after their Coming of Age service.

Middle-schoolers explore life's big questions while they work alongside others to make the world a better place.

High School Youth

Youth wearing Standing on the Side of Love t-shirts stand by fence, holding UUA banner

High school-age UUs put our faith into action every day by daring to be real, showing acceptance and support, leading with courage, and acting for justice.

Young Adults

A circle ceremony. A line of young adults approaches benches with others watching on.  Young woman at front of line receives bag from group leader, leaned over bench to prepare.

Young adults engage our faith by living authentically, creating connections, and seeking personal and social transformation.

College & University

four young women sit in front of a sign for Northeastern Unitarian Universalists with an altar with a flaming chalice on it

UU campus ministries connect young people with interfaith and justice work, worship and discussion, shared meals, and college community events.


A group of about 25 adults and children stand together outdoors holding homemade signs that say "You Are Loved"

Activate your religious exploration and spiritual growth through worship, workshops, service work, and justice actions as you build beloved community.

Older Adults

An elderly couple, wearing hats, sits on a bench with their backs to the camera. A dog lounges at their feet.

Unitarian Universalism supports you to harness the unique opportunities for learning, growth, and service that come with aging.

Religious Educators

A thick pane of glass is shattered, with hundreds of radiating cracks

Faith development for all ages in UU congregations is often led by a director of religious education (DRE). The UUA supports both professional and lay UU religious educators with curriculum, training, and other resources including links to peers who serve UU faith communities across our Association. 

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