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Declaration of Conscience

Join #LoveResists!

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Download resources and tools to bring the Love Resists campaign to your community by expanding sanctuary, growing solidarity and raising your voice. 

Expand Sanctuary

A crowd protests unfair detention center practices, with a news camera and police car nearby.

Help create "sanctuary" - safe spaces for people who are under threat through sanctuary policies, sanctuary communities and physical sanctuary. 

Grow Solidarity

Attendees at UUA General Assembly in 2012 meet with local Phoenix partners at a citizenship fair.

Start with your community partners, and let your roots and relationships be your guide. 

Raise Your Voice

People rally at the supreme court, with one person holding a microphone and raising their hand.

Sign the Declaration of Conscience, and proudly show your values in the public square. 

Spiritual Centering

Lighting a chalice

Find the hope and inspiration that will keep you grounded as you work to bend the long arc of justice.

Leading Congregations

Unitarian Universalists worship at the First Unitarian Church of San Jose, CA.

Tools and tips to help your congregation or spiritual communities become a center of faithful organizing and resistance.  

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