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"Activating people of faith and conscience to resist the harm inflicted by criminalization. Creating safer, more just, welcoming and sustainable communities." Picture of Unitarian Universalists raise their hands in celebration.
Declaration of Conscience

Join #LoveResists!

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Download resources and tools to bring the Love Resists campaign to your community by expanding sanctuary, growing solidarity and raising your voice. 

Expanded Sanctuary and Community Protection

We must provide Safe spaces for those under threat.  people of faith and conscience are expanding what it means to offer "sanctuary" to include not only physical sanctuary, but also sanctuary policies, sanctuary campuses, and sanctuary community support networks. 


Accompaniment of individuals and families facing ICE and courts centers people's dignity and choices in a system that takes away dignity and choice. We fight for one another as we would for family or friends because we are family and friends.


Start with your community partners, and let your roots and relationships be your guide. 

Spiritual Sustenance

Find the hope and inspiration that will keep you grounded as you work to bend the long arc of justice.

Organizing for Action

Tools and tips to help your congregation or spiritual communities become a center of faithful organizing and resistance.  

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