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Leading Congregations
Leading Congregations

Religious communities and congregations are rising up to take action all over the country. People of faith and conscience know that we cannot remain silent when our values are threatened, and that we must work together to push back. Here are key resources for people who are in a professional or lay leadership role in congregations, to help them mobilize their community through the Love Resists Campaign to raise their voice, grow solidarity and expand sanctuary. 

Join Love Resists webinars. We offer webinars to help equip you to do the work of resisting criminalization and making our communities truly safe. New information and resources will be added regularly, so be sure to bookmark the page and check back often.

Form a Love Resists team at your congregation. Most UU congregations are part of resisting the repressive policies that have intensified under the Trump administration in some way. There are a few ways to start your team depending upon the size of your congregation and the justice ministries already underway in your congregation. We have resources for a worship service, congregational conversations, and partnership discernment.

Conscience Calls—Our Conscience Calls are monthly facilitated web calls which invites signers of the Declaration of Conscience into deeper relationship with one another and our shared principles and commitments to faithful resistance. 

Love Resists! Declaring Conscience & Taking Action—Love Resists met at General Assembly 2017 to introduce the campaign to congregations. View the workshop to hear from grassroots organizers and partner congregations on how we are living out our Declaration of Conscience through non-compliance and action and are part of realigning the political landscape toward justice in our communities. 

Download the Congregational Action Guide. Suggested activities with low, medium and high commitment levels. No matter where your congregation is, this guide will help you take action. 

Read "The Real Rules": Congregations and the IRS Guidelines On Advocacy, Lobbying, and Elections. Detailed information on the strength and limits of religious communities engaging in political action. 

Complete the Congregational Asset Mapping Tool. Identify the organizational and personal resources you can use to raise your voice, grow solidarity and expand sanctuary in your community. Created by Minnesota Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Alliance and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.

For additional information, coaching and resources on leading Unitarian Universalist congregations, contact regional UUA field staff

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