Love Resists through radical presence and support of local Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) ​and court accompaniment programs.

Accompaniment programs can make a real difference in our immigration and criminal justice systems. Accompaniment helps stop deportations, reduce bond fees, and keep families together. By centering people’s dignity and choices in a system that takes away dignity and choices, we care for those who are criminalized for their being.

More and more congregations are looking for ways to do this effectively; to resist the current administration’s racist actions and to stop unnecessary deportations. ICE and court accompaniment programs enable supporters to journey alongside people fighting for their own freedom and dignity, and hold the system accountable. In our immigration and criminal justice systems that often results in unjust outcomes, accompaniment programs can make a real difference.

What You Can Do Right Now

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For resources about different ways to accompany folks who are being criminalized checkout Freedom For Immigrants (formerly CIVIC), Worthy Now, the CLF’s Prison Ministry NetworkBlack and Pink, and Queer Detainee Empowerment Project.

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