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Prayer for When You Reach Out to a Potential Partner

text of a prayer in a box

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I am doing this for liberation.

Not for ego.

Not to check a box.

Not so I can get their stamp of approval

Not so their logo will look good on my flyer

I am doing this because none of us are free until we are all free.

I am doing this aware of the labors of love. The free labor. That so many Black people, Indigenous, people of color, women, femmes, queers, disabled people, working people, poor people do. Without pay. To survive. Because there is no one else to do it.

Maybe I do it.

I am doing this aware that when I pick up the phone. Or send the email. Or go to the meeting. Or show up at the coffee shop.

There are broken covenants.

People of faith. White people. Who have taken the credit, the money, the shine, the win and shirked the backlash, the drudgery, the violence, the little things, the labor, the losses.

Help me to keep my covenants. For liberation