Spiritual Centering

Lighting a chalice

We are called by our faith and our conscience to act for justice and compassion. As the long arc of the universe bends towards justice, it is our spiritual and moral center that keeps us grounded. Here, you will find wellsprings of hope, inspirational words and stories, and prayers and meditations to carry with you on the journey. Together we can create sanctuaries of safe spaces for those under threat, drawing strength from our ancestors and hope from our vision of beloved community.

Spiritual Practice

  • Spiritual Practices for Challenging Moments—Resources for uncomfortable/spiritually challenging moments, curated by Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen, with practices, music, and reflections.
  • Spiritual Practices & Social Justice—Learn to be an effective agent of change and transformation by practicing regular connection with your core principles and beliefs. Drawn from the UU College of Social Justice's service trip study guide.
  • Braver/Wiser—Sign up for weekly messages of courage and compassion, complete with a timely prayer for the week ahead. Hear from the contributors about what helps them when the hurt of the world overwhelms, lifting up the sacred in everyday life.
  • Risk, Courage and Discernment: Spiritual Preparation—Resource to help individuals and congregations interested in effective justice actions, grounded in collective liberation, accountable partnership, and leadership of those most impacted.
  • Theology of Resistance—Explore the multi-faith curriculum, webinars, podcasts and more to inspire multi-faith discourse that supports people of faith and moral courage to bring life to the stories, values, and teachings that inspire our resistance. Created by the Prophetic Resistance Project—an initiative of the PICO National Network.

Readings & Prayers

These collections of quotes, readings, prayers and more are focused on people in need of sanctuary. Share them in worshipful ways, online and in person.

Other sources of worship materials:

Small Group Ministry

Faith Development for All Ages

Suggested Books

Cultivating Empathy The Worth and Dignity of Every Person -- Without Exception

By Nathan C. Walker

From Skinner House Books

Picked by Publishers Weekly as One of the Top Six Books for a Post-Election Spiritual Detox This emotionally honest and personal exploration of conflict introduces a creative and compassionate way to develop empathetic responses using the spiritual practice of the moral imagination.

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Be the Change Poems, Prayers and Meditations for Peacemakers and Justice Seekers

By Stephen M. Shick

From Skinner House Books

This collection is designed to inspire and sustain activists and others who are working for a better world. Brimming with poignant and inspirational quotations and verse from Jesus to Shakespeare to Edna St. Vincent Millay, Rachel Carson and Maya Angelou.

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