High School-Age UU Youth

High school-age UUs put our faith into action every day by daring to be real, showing acceptance and support, leading with courage, and acting for justice.

After all, what is religion for if it isn’t about changing your life—and changing the world—for the better?

We Welcome You. For Real.

We are building a radically inclusive community where you can explore your identity without boxes: we are multi-racial, Latino/a, Asian, Black, Native, and White; rich, middle class, poor; young and old; lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, straight, and anything in between. We are spiritually diverse and know “we need not think alike to love alike.”

However you identify, you can find a home here. Bring passion and a desire to see change. Be prepared to exercise your heart, mind and spirit—and know that we’re here with you on your path.

Get Involved

Learn about the sacred, about others, about yourself. Discover what it means to have a personal faith that is anchored by diversity and acceptance. Check out our blog. Find ways to get engaged. Read about our contemporary curricula, including comprehensive sexuality education. Explore our service opportunities. You'll see that Unitarian Universalists are always creating opportunities for youth who want to put their faith into action.


We’re where you are. Find a congregation near you and consider becoming a member - learn why it's important. Explore an online Unitarian Universalist (UU) community. Check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Connect with us on your terms. Together we can do the most good.

Adults in Youth Ministry

Youth ministry is everyone’s ministry! We are here to help adults prepare for the spiritual journey companioning youth. Our web of youth ministry builds strong, meaningful partnership between youth and adults. We have specialized tools and structured curricula for adults to build competence

Events & Trainings

Unitarian Universalists believe that we are better together - when we come together, we can create change, nurture our spirits and learn new things. Our faith offers many opportunities to gather amongst peers and in multigenerational community alike.


We value bold youth and multigenerational leadership in all parts of our community. Service tripsleadership schoolsnational youth leadership opportunities in our faith—there is a place for your style and talents in making things happen.

Service & Social Justice

Ours is a faith of everyday action—we don't just wait for Sunday. You may have seen us in our yellow shirts Standing on the Side of Love, or our stand to Commit2Respond to climate change. We learn how to speak out against injustice and work towards equality.

Identity Formation

Every one of us has worth and dignity. Some people may tell you otherwise based on the color of your skin, where you were born, your family’s net worth, your abilities, your gender or who you love. We know this is not true, and that we all have work to do to make equality a reality.

Multi-Generational Pastoral Care

Caring for one another is a core spiritual practice for Unitarian Universalists. Pastoral care is the term we use for the ways we offer support and compassion to each other in community. We promote offering pastoral care to all ages and inviting youth into our caring networks.

Spirituality & Worship

Nourishing the spirituality of young people is a key function of Unitarian Universalist communities. Through worship, ritual, small group ministry and other practices, Unitarian Universalist (UU) youth and young adults can find support, inspiration and transformation in our communities.

Transitions & Rituals

Unitarian Universalists believe in supporting our youth and young adults through times of transition, such as life stages, relationships, home, work or identity. These life stages are full of changes which include loss, gain, confusion and growth. Our faith helps us make meaning of the changes we may experience.

For more information contact youth@uua.org.

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