DRE Led Youth Ministry Volunteer Orientation

Congregational Life and Lifespan Faith Engagement are offering a course that can be facilitated by a religious professional for the youth ministry volunteers in their congregation at their own pace. Register for this course to access video content and recommended exercises.

This 4 session training has a flipped classroom approach where participants watch informational videos before a live discussion to integrate learning.


Roles & Relationships

  • Healthy Adult Role and role clarity
  • Advocacy in a situation
  • Introduction on boundaries
  • Spiritual practice & Engagement


  • Safety policy overview
  • Expanding confidentiality in safety situations
  • Centering consent
  • Covenant & Community
    • Map of Community Building
    • How to build community
    • Covenant

Youth/Adult Partnership

  • Shared leadership
  • Healthy adult boundaries

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Frequently Asked Questions

Watch the creators of this content answer questions from religious professionals in the field and demo the course.

"Is this new material or can I find it/piece of it somewhere else?"

  • Yes, all new videos and discussion prompts, and No, none of these videos have been anywhere else, we've developed each sessions just for this orientation series.

"Is the $30 purchase a congregation cost (Religious Educator purchase and can share out links to our volunteers in youth ministry) or is it $30/person who will participate in the training?

  • Cost is per facilitator to access the materials in UUI. You may share the video links with your participants.

“Is there a time limit to using this resource?”

  • No. Once you have purchased the course you can use it now, over the course of the year, next year, or beyond.

“If there are updates, how will we know?”

  • Updates will be made directly into the course such as adding resources or replacing links. If major updates are made all those registered will be emailed to alert you to the change.

"We have less than 75 minutes to tackle each session, can the content be customized?"

  • When creating this series, we worked hard to get everything into a 75 minute session. We trust you to customize for your program as you know what your volunteers already know and what you need to include in their training now.

"Can I use this resource as a refresher for myself and create my own training?"

  • Our role is to create resources and your role is to use them in the way that works for you. The benefit for some congregations of these videos is it can be helpful on some matters to have an outside subject matter expert (UUA staff) present.

“Can I use these videos for other volunteer roles?”

  • Yes. If there is a video or portion of a video that you would find useful to show to all RE teachers or your Coming of Age mentors or any other role in your congregation you’re welcome to use them in this way.

“Who do I contact with questions?”

  • Email youth@uua.org with any questions. Since this is the first year of this resource we expect there will be questions and things we need to tweak.