Multigenerational Ministry

2024 Note: The UUA's Lifespan Faith Engagement team is exploring a Whole Church approach to Multigenerational Ministry. Please stay tuned!
Many Unitarian Universalist congregations and communities are embracing multigenerational ministry. We are talking about a ministry that brings all of our people together, regardless of age; a congregational life where all are welcomed, included, and encouraged to lead and participate at any age. When we bring the ages together to minister to and with each other--children, youth, young adults, emerging adults, the middle aged, older adults and elders--we build a whole community, not fractured or siloed by age.

Multigenerational? Intergenerational? What’s the difference?

"Intergenerational" typically describes an interaction between people of two different generations: an adult teacher working with a child in a religious education class, a Baby Boomer minister offering pastoral care to a Gen X parent, a grandparent and a young adult engaged in a mentor/mentee relationship. We need these intergenerational connections as well as multigenerational connections (among three or more generations) to help our congregations thrive.

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