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Multigenerational Ministry

Many Unitarian Universalist congregations and communities are embracing multigenerational ministry. We are talking about a ministry that brings all of our people together, regardless of age; a congregational life where all are welcomed, included, and encouraged to lead and participate at any age. When we bring the ages together to minister to and with each other--children, youth, young adults, emerging adults, the middle aged, older adults and elders--we build a whole community, not fractured or siloed by age. 

Multigenerational? Intergenerational?  What’s the difference?

"Intergenerational" typically describes an interaction between people of two different generations: an adult teacher working with a child in a religious education class, a Baby Boomer minister offering pastoral care to a Gen X parent, a grandparent and a young adult engaged in a mentor/mentee relationship. We need these intergenerational connections as well as multigenerational connections (among three or more generations) to help our congregations thrive.

Learn More About Multigenerational Ministry

Why Multigenerational Ministry?

Multigenerational ministry is important for many reasons.


Everyone benefits from multigenerational ministry.

What does it Look Like?

Multigenerational ministry can take many forms.

How Is It Happening?

There are many ways congregations are implementing multigenerational ministry.


Resources for Multigenerational Ministry

GA Workshops

General Assembly workshops offer more ideas about multigenerational ministry.

For more information contact multigen@uua.org.

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