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Workshops and presentations at General Assembly (GA), the annual meeting of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), have been provided by a variety of Unitarian Universalist organizations and UUA staff groups over the course of several decades. 


New at GA 2015 in Portland, OR are several workshops intentionally designed for multigenerational participation:

  • Multi-Generational Story Slam: A New Way to Share Cultural Connections Thursday 10:45AM, Program #206  
  • Choosing, Telling, and Bringing Stories to Life in Worship Thursday 3:00PM, Program #248 
  • What Shapes Us? A Multigenerational Workshop Friday 1:15PM, Program #315
  • Money, Money, Money! A Multigenerational Workshop Saturday 1:15PM, Program #411 
  • Be a Hummingbird: A Multigenerational Workshop on Trees Saturday 3:00PM, Program #427 





  • A Family Under One Sky: Ministry Across the Generations
    UU University Multigenerational Track Report and Resources


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