College & University Campus Ministry

Unitarian Universalists (UUs) value higher education and know our active inclusive faith speaks to the needs and questions of many college and university students. So we have UU ministries at 60 campuses across the United States doing interfaith work, leading worship and small group discussions, sharing meals and hosting campus-wide events.

Campus Ministry is good for everyone

Students who were raised UU and miss their home faith communities need us. Students who have never heard of Unitarian Universalism and are striving to make meaning of our world need us. Higher education, which is increasingly aware of the positive benefits of interfaith work and spiritual involvement on campuses, also desperately needs us. And we UUs need the energy and ideas of students in our movement.

... so plug on in!

Find a campus ministry near you; like Campus UUs on Facebook; join a group for UU emerging adults or a group for UU campus ministry leaders. Read our blog Blue Boat, or connect via Twitter or listserv.

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Find a campus ministry near you, list your campus ministry, or just put yourself on the map as an individual reaching out! The HubMap is a Google map of young adult and campus ministry groups. Fill out this form to get on the map.

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Small group ministry is the most common type of campus ministry. Find downloadable guides, manuals, curricula, liturgy and music resources to support your student group in having meaningful programming.

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We have a lot to offer college students, so they need to know how to find us. Whether your established group is trying to reach more folks or you’re just starting out, these outreach tips and materials should help.

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