Campus Ministry Outreach

Unitarian Universalism has a lot to offer college students, so how do we make sure they know what we’re up to? Whether your established group is trying to make itself more known on campus or you’re just starting out, these outreach tips and materials should help.

What's Your Message?

To do effective outreach you need to know who you’re trying to reach and why. Are you providing a brave space for students to wrestle with questions around identity and spirituality with a focus on multiracial, bicultural and trans students? Are you offering a space to decompress and get spiritually fed and seeking overwhelmed students who are falling behind in their schoolwork because of other obligations? Are you all about spiritual tools for coping with our political reality and trying to get to student activists? You can’t be all things to all people, so get some clarity on your unique contribution to the campus landscape and try to find the folks who need it most. This outreach workshop from General Assembly 2014 is meant for congregations but many of their points apply to campus ministries.

Promote What You're Doing

In this UUCampusQs video by Carey McDonald, our former Outreach Director reminds us that good outreach is about events, not about the existence of a group.

Got an event to promote? Try using these customizable materials! You can access this printable flyer (black background or white background) or social media sharable on canva and edit the information to fit your group, event, time and place. Unable to use canva? Fill out this wufoo form with the details of your event and you’ll hear from our Young Adult and Campus Ministry Associate by the end of the next work day about when to expect your materials.

Table Effectively

Tabling remains a key way to get to know students on campus. In this UUCampusQs video we hear tips from two veteran campus ministers on what tabling techniques worked for them.

Do you want a banner for your table? This banner can be customized on canva. If you are unable to use canva our Young Adult and Campus Ministry Associate at with the name of your group and she will respond with your image file. You can then order the banner from your local print shop, or go online and order from Staples or other similar stores. We recommend the 2’x4’ banner in landscape orientation with grommets. The cost should run $30 - $50. Does your group lack a budget? Watch this UUCampusQs video to learn how to fund your campus ministry.

social media sharable

You can customize and download this social media sharable to promote your campus ministry events!

customize this sharable for your event

printable flyer

You can customize and download this printable flyer to promote your campus ministry events!

customize this flyer for your event