Bridging Youth Hospitality Network

Update, August 2021

Join our information sessions hosted by Rev. Stevie Carmody (Lifespan Faith Engagement) & Rev. Tyler Coles (Congregational Life – Southern Region) to learn about the launch of the hospitality network!

The UUA’s Office of Lifespan Faith Engagement—in collaboration with the Mount Vernon Unitarian Church—is happy to announce the piloting of a new network of hospitality for Unitarian Universalist youth who are bridging out of their high school years. Building off of wisdom from previous programs, this network aims to connect bridging youth to the congregation where they will be living. Whether they’re staying in the same place, or moving far away from home, bridging youth may appreciate connection and community in this new life stage.

a graphic of a bridge with text about the Bridging Youth Hospitality Network

Congregations sending forth bridging youth are encouraged to share the Hospitality Network Survey (Google Form) with their youth to fill out. That way, bridging youth will identify how they would like to be supported. Congregations receiving these new young adults are encouraged to get connected with them. The intensity of the connection can vary and should develop organically from the needs expressed by the young adult. Additionally, congregations can expect resources from the UUA to further support young adult ministries in their congregation.

For Bridging Youth

Are you a bridging youth? Congratulations! Whether you are going forth or staying around, bridging is a time of transition. How your UU faith shows up for you in this moment matters. We aim to support bridging youth in the coming years by strengthening the networks of hospitality amongst our congregations. But we’ll start from your needs. How do you want to connect to the UU congregations around you as a young adult? Fill out this brief survey, and we’ll make sure to share the information with the congregation where you’ll be living.

Bridging Youth Hospitality Network survey (Google Form)

For Receiving Congregations

As an association of congregations, we together bear the responsibility to minister to young adult UUs. Bridging, the time of transition from youth to young adulthood, is an especially important time for UU young people, as they navigate their values in new contexts. Some young adults are staying in their hometowns, redefining themselves in a new life stage. Some young adults are starting to work full-time, figuring out how to be a UU in their workplace. Some young adults are going off to college or joining the military, exploring their spirituality amidst new communities. In any case, a continued connection to Unitarian Universalism can be vital.

Building off programs offered in the past, the Office of Lifespan Faith Engagement aims to strengthen a network of hospitality for bridging youth. As a receiving congregation (whether that means a bridging youth is coming from somewhere else, or grew up in your congregation), you’ll receive information about bridging youth from the survey, expressing how they would like to connect with your congregation in this new life stage. We ask for your support in fostering these connections. To participate, fill out this very brief survey.

Bridging Youth Hospitality Network survey (Google Form)