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Older Adults
Older Adults

Resources to enrich and support the journey of older adulthood.

Spirituality and Aging

Spirituality and Aging

Webinar: Gail Forsyth-Vail, Rev. Karin Peterson, and Rev. Bruce Marshall  talk about spirituality, aging, and how our congregations might better serve both aging Baby Boomers and those of the Silent generation. PowerPoint (PDF)

Older adulthood is a time to take stock of one's journey and to affirm that which is of most importance. It can be a rich time in the lives of adults- a time when we are often open to new learning and discovery, a time of deepening friendships and relationships, a time of theological reflection as we explore questions of meaning and purpose. It can be a time when adults discern the dimensions of the legacy they will someday leave behind- spiritual gifts, loving relationships, tangible assets, and ethical wills. Most older adults face the physical realities of aging and the emotional and spiritual realities of loss and grief at some point along the way. While many older adults are active participants in familiar organizations, communities, and congregations, for some this is a challenge.

Here you will find resources to support the older adult journey, whether you are an older adult yourself, a caregiver or family member, or part of a congregation engaged in ministry to and with older adults. If you have suggestions for additions to any of the older adult pages, please email adultprograms [at] uua [dot] org.

Body, Mind, and Spirit

What are the questions, uncertainties, and longings facing older adults? What are the spiritual and emotional milestones and demands of this time of life? What books, curricula, and other resources speak to the experiences of older adults and lift up the voices of Unitarian Universalists who are older?

Facing Death, Loss, and Grief

How can Unitarian Universalist congregations and groups reach out to individuals coping with death, grief, and loss? What resources are helpful for personal reflection at such a time?

Programs for Groups

How can we serve those who live in senior living communities? Where can a group of older adults find materials to design their own programs? What programs can our congregations offer to support and nurture older adults? What UU programs are available beyond congregations?

Health Care Decisions

How can our faith help in facing the ethical and spiritual dilemmas that sometimes come with health care decision making? What voices and perspectives can help older adults face such important personal decisions?


How can caregivers attend to the well-being of older adults in their care while still nurturing their own spirits? How can care and campassion for another deepen one's own spiritual and emotional wisdom?


What is the legacy we wish to leave behind? What are some ways to name the ethical and spiritual values we wish to pass on? How do we decide what tangible assets we will leave- and to whom? How do we want to be remembered?

For more information contact religiouseducation@uua.org.

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