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We Discover Faith Together, in Our Families
We Discover Faith Together in Our Families
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All people are lovable beings of infinite worth, imbued with powers of the soul. We are obligated to use our gifts, talents, and potentials in the service of life.

Unitarian Universalism affirms all families, of origin and of choice. Parents and caregivers find support to embrace their role as children's primary religious educators—to open authentic conversations with children about difficult topics—to grow in faith together through religious practices, truth-seeking, justice work, service projects, and more. 

While UU family ministry comes in many shapes and sizes, at its core, UU family faith development is a journey of relationships. Family members connect with one another, the faith community, and the universe to discover and rediscover a dynamic, sustaining faith. 

Explore the links below and these multigenerational ministry pages for programs, activities, family faith practices, thoughtful reflection, and support. 

  • Tapestry of Faith 
    Each religious education (RE) program includes stories, activities, worship, and social action ideas to nurture growth in ethics, spirit, and faith. Online, parents can find the Tapestry of Faith stories and activities that children experience in RE programs as well as search, download, and adapt Unitarian Universalist lifespan curricula for family faith development at home. Browse the Taking It Home sections in every Tapestry of Faith session!
  • Our Whole Lives
    Many congregations offer Our Whole Lives (OWL) sexuality education programs for children, youth, and adults which are positive, holistic, inclusive, and founded on our values. Alongside an OWL program or offered on its own, Parents as Sexuality Educators is a multi-session, small group ministry experience for parents and caregivers that affirms and supports their roles as the most important sexuality educator their children will have.
  • Family Pages in UU World 
    Four times a year, the pull-out section of UU World magazine presents a timely theme in stories and activities, often drawn from Tapestry of Faith curricula. The Family pages offer inspiration, motivation, and hands-on activities for parents and caregivers to share with children and seekers of all ages to explore.

For more information contact religiouseducation@uua.org.

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