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We Discover Faith Together, in Our Families
We Discover Faith Together, in Our Families
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The family you belong to may be a family of origin, a chosen family, a blended family, or an extended family. Your family may include children, or not; your family members may share a home or live apart. We help affirm all families and help them live more balanced, resilient, and joyful lives. 

Our programs for all ages are built on this vision:

All people are lovable beings of infinite worth, imbued with powers of the soul. We are obligated to use our gifts, talents, and potentials in the service of life.

Our sexuality education programs for children, youth, and adults are positive, inclusive, and founded on our values.

Faith Development with Children

Religious education can help us grow in faith, at any age. Yet faith development happens outside of our faith communities, too...especially at home. Parents and caregivers are our children's primary religious educators, and not only because we give explanations and advice. Every day, we act out our values and beliefs and model a way of living that children notice and copy.

We support one another to discover and rediscover a seeking, active faith in the context of our family lives. We help parents talk with children about difficult things and connect with the soul of parenting.

  • Tapestry of Faith 
    The first, ever online collection of lifespan curricula for our congregations invites seekers as well as members to engage in faith study at home. Each religious education (RE) program includes stories, activities, worship, and social action ideas to nurture our growth in ethics, spirit, and faith. Parents can go online and read the Tapestry of Faith stories and activities their children experience in RE programs. Taking It Home and Find Out More sections help you explore further.
  • Family Pages in UU World 
    Four times a year, the pull-out section of UU World magazine presents a timely theme through stories, activities, and thoughtful reflection, often drawn from Unitarian Universalism's Tapestry of Faith lifespan curricula. The Family pages offer inspiration and ideas for parents to share with children, elders to share with grandchildren, and UUs and seekers of all ages to explore.

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