Annual Program Fund

APF: Amplifying Unitarian Universalism

APF: Amplifying Unitarian Universalism

Your support of the Annual Program Fund makes transformation possible in all of our congregations. You help our religious leaders innovate and inspire. You strengthen our collective voice. You bring more justice and love to the world.

Together, we amplify the best of Unitarian Universalism.

APF Basics

What is APF? Find all the basic information about the Annual Program Fund here, including giving ratespayment information, and contact information for your APF team.

Your APF Contributions At Work

A guide to the services and resources available to member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association. 

What We Get

Why do we give? What do we “get” for our support of the Annual Program Fund? You’ll find helpful information to share with your congregation here.

Congregational Stewardship Resources

Find links to inspiring sermons about stewardship, intergenerational generosity resources, and sample language about APF that you can use in your congregational publications here.

Congregational Recognition

Is your congregation an Honor Congregation? You can find request a confirmation and view the Honor Roll for all congregations.

Join the Conversation

Find out how to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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