APF Formula

The New Annual Program Fund (APF) request amount is no longer based on your congregation’s membership number. Instead it is based on your ability to pay, so it is linked to the congregation’s Certified Operating Expenditures. (This means as your income goes up, so does your requested amount. As your income decreases and your expenditures decrease, so does your requested amount.) In addition to the APF, this request includes your congregation's contribution to your district or region.

It is a unified ask, covering BOTH APF and your Region. 

We wanted the formula to be simple. But there are a number of factors that will affect the amount that is requested of you:

  • We have taken great care to create a formula that takes into account the particular circumstances of your congregation. 
  • We are putting in place a “collar”, which will support both our congregations of whom more is asked, and of whom less will be asked. 
  • If your “new” requested amount is a decrease from what you are accustomed to contributing, we are asking you to hold steady, or to reduce your giving by no more than 10%. This is so that you can help to hold in care the congregations whose ask is increasing.
  • If your “new” requested is an increase, we will be asking you to increase by only 10%. It is this collar, both for increases and decreases, which helps us to support one another.

How Does the Formula Work?

The New APF Formula

The New APF Formula begins with 6.75% of the congregation’s reported operating expenditures which covers the congregation’s support for both the UUA and the Region. 

Several data points about your congregation, in relation to all others, are then factored in. These are:

  • Your Geo Index Number (a rating based on wage rates in your area, used as the basis of the UUA’s Fair Compensation guidelines)
  • Your expense per member ratio (determined using your reported operating expenditures and number of certified members)
  • The amount requested from your congregation for APF and District or Region (or GIFT in the Southern Region) from the last fiscal year.

These data points are used to create the following adjustments:

  • The Formula reduces the full amount asked for those congregations who are in a Geo-Index rating of 4 or higher.*
  • The Formula reduces the full amount asked for those congregations whose expense per member ratio is in the top 20% of all certified congregations.*
  • The New APF Formula takes the full requested amount of support from the APF and your Region or District, and applies a transition collar, capping the increase in the amount requested at no more than 10% over the prior year, and capping the decrease so that it is no less than 10% under the prior year**. This means:
    • NO CONGREGATION will have an ask that is more than 10% higher (than what was previously asked for both APF and District or Region)
    • NO CONGREGATION will have an ask that is 10% Lower** (than what was previously asked for both APF and District or Region)

*Only one of these adjustments will be applied. If a congregation is in a Geo-Index of 4 or higher, AND is in the top 20% of per member spending, the requested amount will be reduced by whichever number benefits the congregation the most.

**Congregations in the Southern Region have been participating in the GIFT Program, which asks for an unadjusted 7% of operating expenditures. As they have already been asked to contribute at a higher rate than the new formula, they are excluded from the minimum collar.

Certified Operating Expenditures

If you do not know your certified operating expenditures we have a guide to help you. You can also contact the APF Team for help: apf [at] uua [dot] org.

Certification Information

Per UUA Bylaws all member congregations MUST participate in the annual certification.  However, if we do not have a current figure from your congregation, we will use the most recent data available to us.

For more information contact apf@uua.org.

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