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APF: Amplifying Unitarian Universalism

Congregational Giving in Fiscal Year 2024

Nearly two-thirds of the UUA’s philanthropic revenue comes from our congregations through their support of the Annual Program Fund (APF). Numerous congregations have worked hard to maintain Honor Congregation status by contributing the full APF ask every year—many have sustained this level of support for 10+, even 25+ years.

In this time of pandemic many UU congregations are naturally concerned about their financial health, given the remarkable stressors on our communities. At the same time, demand for the UUA’s services and support has never been greater. All around the country UUA staff has offered guidance, resources and tools regarding virtual worship, staffing, finance, ministry to children and youth, and so much more.

As a faith, we are all doing things we never thought possible.

The Annual Program Fund is, and always has been, an honor system rooted in a covenant of trust and mutual support congregations make with one another. The APF formula that has been implemented over the last several years is designed to be responsive to financial realities in congregations, rather than linked to membership.

We trust that congregations will contribute their fair share, as they are able, and thus no adjustments are being made to the Fiscal Year 2024 Ask.

Picture of two males and one female posing for a group photo. Steve Ransom, Norrie Gall, Dominique Batiste.

Meet your APF Team (left to right):

  • Steve Ransom, Congregational Giving Specialist.
  • Norrie Gall, Congregational Giving Administrative Director
  • Dominique Batiste, Congregational Giving Specialist.
  • Contact us at or (617) 948-6512. We are happy to answer any questions that may come up.

Prioritizing support of the Annual Program Fund enriches the practice of generosity so that all our UU communities have the greatest opportunity to flourish. This, too, is an expression of the covenant that binds us together and will be necessary if we are to make it through this together.

Just as you might reassure one of your members that they are held in community when their giving capacity changes, we want to reassure struggling congregations that they remain held in the covenanted community of our Association.

We also recognize that many congregations have worked hard to maintain Honor Congregation status by contributing the full APF Ask every year, and that the Honor designation matters. We value your long-standing commitment and want to work with congregations to identify a way forward. Contact us so that we can be in conversation.

The Congregational Giving team is happy to connect with your congregation’s treasurer or other leadership to discuss APF giving. We can be reached at As always, thank you for your congregation’s ministry.

Supporting the Annual Program Fund

Our support for the Annual Program Fund is the fulfillment of a promise already made. It is the living embodiment of the covenant between us, promising to one another our mutual trust and support.

The Annual Program Fund is the primary source of funding for the Unitarian Universalist Association. We give so that our spirits will be enriched by the practice of generosity in community, and so that Unitarian Universalism can flourish.

We give so that all of our congregations are positioned to transform their communities, our religious leaders can innovate and inspire, and our collective voice can be amplified to bring more justice to the world so in need of our healing message. As a concrete expression of our interconnectedness, we give to support congregations other than our own, investing in and strengthening the presence of Unitarian Universalism.

The bylaws of the Unitarian Universalist Association state: “A congregation becomes a member upon acceptance by the Board of Trustees of the Association of its written application for membership in which it subscribes to the principles of and pledges to support the Association.” Our principles and purposes close with this promise: “As free congregations we enter into…covenant, promising to one another our mutual trust and support.”

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