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Delegates to GA
  • Congregational Certification—Your congregation needs to be certified in order to send delegates to General Assembly (GA).
  • Delegate Information—Learn how your congregation can be represented at GA and how to serve as a delegate (on or off-site).
  • Agenda—Tentative and Final Business Agendas, including proposed changes to bylaws and Social Witness items.
  • Business Guide—How to propose business resolutions or bylaw amendments, including the necessary forms.
  • Business Calendar—Deadlines for participation in the business process.
  • Social Witness Process—The Unitarian Universalist Association's (UUA) justice work is shaped by GA Congregational Study/Action Issues, Statements of Conscience, and Actions of Immediate Witness.
  • Notice of Meeting—Per UUA bylaws, congregations must be notified of the convening of each General Assembly.

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