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Past General Assemblies

2014: Love Reaches Out
Providence, RI, June 25-29

2013: From Promise to Commitment
Louisville, KY, June 19-23

2012: Justice GA
Phoenix, AZ, June 20-24

2011: Charlotte, NC, June 22-26

2010: Minneapolis, MN, June 23-27

2009: Salt Lake City, UT, June 24-28

2008: Common Threads
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, June 25-29

2007: Choices That Matter
Portland, OR, June 20-24

2006: Toward Right Relations
St. Louis, MO, June 21-25

2005: Ministering to Families in Today's World
Fort Worth, TX, June 23-27

2004: Long Beach, CA, June 24-28

2003: Boston, MA, June 26-30

2002: Quebec City, QC, June 20-24

2001: Fulfilling the Promise
Cleveland, OH, June 21-25

2000: Fulfilling the Promise: Our Common Call
Nashville, TN, June 22-26

1999: Fulfilling the Promise: To Help One Another
Salt Lake City, UT, June 24-29

1998: Fulfilling the Promise
Rochester, NY, June 25-30

1997: Building Interfaith Cooperation: Interfaith Action for a Just Community
Phoenix, AZ, June 19-24

1996: The Future is Now
Indianapolis, IN, June 20-25

1995: Building Our Future Generation by Generation
Spokane, WA, June 15-20

1994: Facing Our New Frontiers
Fort Worth, TX, June 23-28

1993: Universalism: For Such a Time as This
Charlotte, NC, June 24-29

1992: Building the Global Village
Calgary, AB, June 25-30

1991: Speak to the Earth and It Shall Teach Thee
Hollywood, FL, June 20-25

1990: Sound the Chorus of Faith
Milwaukee, WI, June 21-26

1989: Bend Toward Justice
New Haven, CT, June 22-27

1988: Touch the Earth... Reach the Sky
Palm Springs, CA, June 16-21

1987: Faith of the Free
Little Rock, AR, June 22-27

1986: Take Up the Song
Rochester, NY, June 22-27

1985: Like the Phoenix Rising
Atlanta, GA, June 17-22

1984: Being Human in an Age of Technology
Columbus, OH, June 25-30

1983: L'Assemblee Generale
Vancouver, BC, June 12-17

1982: Coming of Age
Brunswick, ME, June 21-26

1981: An Urban Experience
Philadelphia, PA, June 12-18

1980: Touching Our Heritage...Enriching Our Tomorrows
Albuquerque, NM, June 13-18

1979: A Time to Grow...To Everything There is a Season
East Lansing, MI, June 25-30

1978: Celebration Communication Community Heritage Social Responsibility
Boston, MA, June 19-24

1977: Knowing What We Are and How We Affect the World
Ithaca, NY, June 20-26

1976: Space to Move / Time to Think
Claremont, CA, June 21-27

1975: Seasoned by the Memory of Tomorrow
Minneapolis, MN, June 25-29

1974: Stone Soup...The General Assembly is What We Bring
New York, NY, June 25-30

1973: Affirm One Another The Bonds of Love Keep Open the Gates of Freedom
Toronto, ON, May 29-June 3

1972: Affirm One Another
Dallas, TX, May 30-June 4

1971: Tomorrow is Now
Washington, DC, June 7-12

1970: Dynamics of Diversity
Seattle, WA, June 29-July 4

1969: Encounter with Change
Boston, MA, July 11-20

1968: Determining Our Priorities
Cleveland, OH, May 23-30

1967: Responding to a Revolutionary Age
Denver, CO, May 1-6

1966: Creative Use of Controversy
Hollywood, FL, May 16-22

1965: An Essential Past...An Unlimited Future
Boston, MA, May 22-29

1964: The Greatest offer the real founders of a new world a home where they will be on their own terms...
San Francisco, CA, May 9-16

1963: The Free Church in a Changing World
Chicago, IL, May 13-19

1962: The Individual in a Mass Culture
Washington, DC, May 23-28

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