General Assembly 2021 Video

Watch video of events from General Assembly (GA) 2021 (June 23-27), with the theme Circle 'Round for Justice ● Healing ● Courage. GA is a time to circle ‘round in community. We circle ‘round in care and healing; for liberation and justice; and for love and courage.

On-Demand Video

Showcase Library (Vimeo) of all 2021 GA programming available to the public on Vimeo.

The following pages include video, transcripts, orders of service or agendas, and the texts of social justice statements or bylaw amendments considered.

  • Service of the Living Tradition
    We honor religious leaders who have died and recognize those who have achieved milestones in the past year.
    We are correcting some errors in the original video before posting it for on-demand viewing. Thank you for your patience.
  • Synergy Bridging Worship
    The transition from youthhood into young adulthood is a moment to honor our growth along the lifespan.
  • Sunday Morning Worship
    Watch the largest annual gathering of UUs in worship, led by First Universalist Church of Minneapolis.
  • Business & Social Witness
    Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Co-Moderators Rev. Meg Riley and Charles Du Mond preside over the general sessions in which the business of the Association is conducted. The Delegates to the 2021 General Assembly adopted the Statement of Conscience: Undoing Systemic White Supremacy (PDF) and affirmed three Actions of Immediate Witness and two Responsive Resolutions.
    • General Session I
      Voting Process Review and Practice Vote, Review and Adopt the Rule of Procedure, Introduction: Youth & Young Adult Leadership, Introduction: Systemic Justice Team, Introduction: Chaplains, Introduction: Conflict & Covenant Team, Introduction: Accessibility & Inclusion Team
    • General Session II
      Update from the GA Care Teams, Preliminary Credentials Report, President’s Report, Widening the Circle of Concern Annual Update, Board Report, Financial Advisor’s Report, Co-Moderators’ Report, Commission on Social Witness Report and Announce Actions of Immediate Witness Prioritization Poll is Open, Article II Study Commission
    • General Session III
      Update From the GA Care Teams, Award for Distinguished Service to the Cause of Unitarian Universalism I, President’s Award for Volunteer Service, Award for Distinguished Service to the Cause of Unitarian Universalism II, Rules Review, Voting Process Review, Discuss and Vote on 2021 Proposed Bylaw Amendments and Unincorporated Amendments, Announce Statement of Conscience Poll, Discuss and Vote on Proposed Bylaw Amendments
    • General Session IV
      Update from the GA Care Teams, Announcement of the Election Results, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee Report, Unitarian Universalist Women’s Federation Report, Rules Review, Voting Process Review, Continued Discussion and Voting on the 2021 Proposed Bylaw Amendments and Unincorporated Amendments, Discuss and Vote on proposed Actions of Immediate Witness, Special Collection: Side with Love
    • General Session V
      Beacon Press Report, Final Report from the GA Care Teams, Discussion and Vote on Proposed Responsive Resolutions, Discuss and vote on Statement of Conscience (SOC): Undoing Intersectional White Supremacy, Installation of the Newly Elected Leaders, Invitation to GA 2022, Recognition of All Who Made GA Possible, Final Credentials Report
  • Candidates Forum and Information Session
    The UUA Nominating Committee explains its processes and introduces its members and its candidates for the Board of Trustees and elected Committees. The second part of the program features a discussion between the two candidates for the contested Board of Trustees seat, moderated by the Election Campaign Practices Committee, and Q&A.
  • Berry Street Essay 
    From the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association