General Assembly Registration
General Assembly Registration
General Assembly, GA Registration

2020 Registration Information

Registration Rates

2020 Registration Rates Early Bird Registration
November 1 - March 15
Early Registration
March 16 - April 30
General Registration
May 1 - June 28
Adult Full-time (Wednesday-Sunday) $400 $400 $525
Adult Part-time***  $200 $200 $200
Youth* (Grades 9-12) Full-time (Wednesday-Sunday) $250 $250 $350
Youth* (Grades 9-12) Part-time*** $200 $200 $200
Reduced** Full-time (Wednesday-Sunday) $250 $250 $350
Reduced** Part-time*** $200 $200 $200
Off-site Registration $150 $150 $150
*Youth registration rates are offered to those who were enrolled in grades 9-12 (or the equivalent for home-schooled youth) for the 2019-2020 school year.

**Reduced rates are offered to: Retired Ministers, Spouses of Retired Ministers, Surviving Spouses of Ministers and Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Registered Ministerial Aspirants and Candidates. For information on obtaining Aspirant status, consult the UUA Ministerial Credentialing Office.

***Part-time registrants may select one of the following attendance options:

  • Wednesday & Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday & Sunday

Schedule of Events

Registrations must be for specific individuals and are NON-TRANSFERABLE. Congregations may not purchase "blank" registrations for later assignment to delegates; organizations may not purchase "blank" registrations for later assignment to staff.

Once registered, you will be sent email confirmation from generalassembly [at] uua [dot] org. Please retain this confirmation; it is proof of your registration.

You may cancel a GA registration by replying to your registration confirmation or contacting the GA Registrar at generalassembly [at] uua [dot] org. The cancellation fee will be $50 per person.

No meals are included with registration. Concessions will be available in the GA Exhibit Hall, and attendees are encouraged to bring refillable water bottles and snacks. More about eating at GA.

Registration is Required for All

All participants in General Assembly (GA) programmed events must be registered for the conference. Everyone in attendance of GA programmed events must also be registered, including program participants, presenters, invited guests, performers, office support staff, relatives, hosts, and dignitaries. This policy is consistent with our principle of equity and avoids arbitrary distinctions.

GA registrants, excluding off-site, receive access to all workshops, performances, lectures, and events listed in the GA Printed Program, as well as an official name badge to identify them to fellow participants, event staff and security. GA name badges are required for admission to all GA programmed events, including evening entertainment, the Exhibit Hall (Wednesday-Saturday), the Opening and Closing Celebrations, and the Ware Lecture.

Offsite GA registrants receive access to all workshops, performances, lectures, and events listed within the participation portal. Additionally, during GA offsite registrants will have exclusive access to a chatroom, recordings of previous streams, and dedicated support.


Open to the public: Registration is not required to participate in the Service of the Living Tradition, Synergy Bridging Worship, Sunday Morning Worship, or to visit the Exhibit Hall on Sunday.

Personal aides who are attending solely to facilitate the attendance of another may register at a special $35 full-time rate. This personal attendant registration rate is only for those whose presence is required to assist a GA attendee with disabilities or limitations that would preclude them from attending without assistance. Contact generalassembly [at] uua [dot] org to arrange registration for a personal aide.

Children who have not yet entered high school (or the equivalent for home schooled youth) are welcome to attend General Assembly events with their parents or guardians at no cost, but are still required to register. Adult registrants can "Add Guest Child (0-14)" to their adult registration record. This step will provide our youngest participants with an official name badge that will identify them as part of the GA community, as well as allowing planners to know everyone who is at GA (in the event of an emergency).

Ages and Grades for Children, Youth, and Adults

  • Children 0-14 years-old or pre-high school: no-cost registration is required, low-cost child care is available
    Children are always welcome at GA events when accompanied by their GA registered parent or legal guardian. We ask that you register your child for GA (at no cost) so that we can create a GA Name Badge for them and so we have a complete list of everyone attending, regardless of age.
    If you need child care while attending GA, there are several Children's Programs available (at subsidized rates).
  • 14 year-olds, who have just completed 8th grade, between grade school and high school or the equivalent for home schooled youth
    The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries strongly suggests that 14 year-olds who have completed the 8th grade but have not yet entered high school (or its equivalent) either enroll in one of the available Children's Programs or attend GA programming with their parent or guardian. (Youth Caucus is more about life-stage than strict chronological age. Since programming is really targeted for those who are in the middle of the high-school range, those who have just finished 8th grade will not have their needs met.) 14 year-olds who have not yet entered high school may register for GA at no cost but may not participate in GA events without their parent or guardian.
  • Youth registration is required for youth in grades 9-12 under 18 years old
    Fourteen year-olds who have completed a year of high school (or the equivalent) - 9th grade - should register as Youth.
  • Youth registration is recommended for youth in grades 9-12 over 18 years old
    High school aged attendees who are eighteen or older have the option of registering as adults and forgoing the discounted youth registration rate, or registering as youth at the lower rate and abiding by all the requirements of the youth registration. We recommend they register as youth.
  • 18 year-olds, out of high school
    If in the previous 2019-2020 school year you were a college student or in the work-force and not in a secondary school (or home-schooled), then you are considered a young adult and should register using Adult Registration.

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