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General Assembly Registration

2021 Registration Information

Registrations must be for specific individuals and are NON-TRANSFERABLE. Once registered, you will be sent email confirmation from You may cancel a GA registration by replying to your registration confirmation or contacting the GA Registrar at The cancellation fee is $50 per person.

Registration is Required for All Participants

All participants in General Assembly (GA) programmed events must be registered for the conference. Everyone must also be registered, including program participants, presenters, invited guests, performers, office support staff, relatives, hosts, and dignitaries. This policy is consistent with our principle of equity and avoids arbitrary distinctions.

GA registrants receive access to all workshops, performances, lectures, and events listed in the GA Program. Registrants will have exclusive access to a chatroom, recordings of previous streams, and dedicated support.

Open to the public: 2020 Online Events for Public Viewing (General Sessions, Service of the Living Tradition, Synergy Bridging Worship and Sunday Morning Worship) can be found at

Youth groups, seminarians, workshop presenters, artists, musicians, and others have successfully raised needed financial support to be part our denomination's annual business, networking, and learning gathering.

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An African-American workshop leader speaks at a lectern.

Rev. Patrice Curtis speaks at a 2018 workshop on Black Humanism.