General Assembly Registration

2022 Registration Information

General Assembly 2022 will be a multiplatform event, with registration options for in-person and/or virtual participation. In-person registration for GA 2022 in Portland, Oregon is open. Registration for Virtual participation will open March 1. Financial support for registration as well as a payment plan are available.

*In-Person Reduced rates are offered to: Emerging Adults (age 18-24), UUA Aspirant & Candidate Ministers, Retired Ministers & Spouses, and Surviving Spouses of Ministers.

**Children who have not yet entered high school (or its equivalent) are welcome to attend GA events with their parents or guardians at no cost, but are still required to register.

2022 GA Registration Rates Through February March - April May - June
Full Virtual Registration Not available $250 $275
Business-Only Virtual Not available Donation Donation
Adult (age 25+) In-Person $475 $525 $575
Adult In-Person One-Day
(Wed/Thur, Friday, or Sat/Sun)
$250 $275 $300
In-Person Reduced* $275 $300 $325
In-Person Youth
(10th grade - age 18)
$275 $300 $325
Children** (0 - 9th grade) $0 with onsite adult $0 with onsite adult $0 with onsite adult

In agreement with the Oregon Convention Center Guidance, all in-person GA exhibitors and participants are required to provide proof of Covid-19 Vaccination. In addition, a mask mandate will be in effect. Anyone who registers for in-person participation and for whatever reason is unable to meet these requirements will be converted to virtual participant and refunded the difference in cost, or given the opportunity to donate the difference toward financial support of other attendees.

Registrations must be for specific individuals and are non-transferable. Each registrant should have a unique email address. Once registered, you will be sent email confirmation from You may cancel a GA registration by replying to your registration confirmation or contacting the GA Registrar at If you register but are unable to attend in Portland, your in-person registration will be converted to virtual. Cancellation for virtual registration is $50 per person.

Voting Delegates

Delegates must register for GA to vote on business and agenda items. Delegates have three options for participation:

  1. In-person Registrant
    In-person registration is required for all live GA events and programming taking place in Portland, Oregon. In-person registration includes access to virtual content available on the GA app, powered by Whova. In-person registration is the same process for delegates and non-delegates; delegates may register before or after determining their delegate status. General Assembly registration is required for all in-person participants, including in-person delegates.
  2. Full Virtual Registrant
    Full Virtual registration is required for access to virtual GA programming, including workshops, worship services, the Ware Lecture, featured speakers, Opening and Closing celebrations, exhibits, entertainment, and networking. Virtual GA programming will be streamed on the GA app, powered by Whova. Delegates will use the GA Delegate Platform for discussion and voting during General Sessions. Virtual registration is the same process for delegates and non-delegates; delegates may register before or after determining their delegate status.
  3. Business-only Virtual Registrant
    Business-only Virtual registration provides access to the GA Delegate Platform for discussion and voting during General Sessions. Payment is not required but a donation to offset production and platform costs is suggested. Business-only registrants will access to delegate chat rooms but will not have access to GA programming, the GA app, networking opportunities, or the exhibit hall. GA delegates are strongly encouraged to register as Full Virtual Registrants.

Registration is Required for All Participants

All participants in General Assembly programmed events must be registered for the conference. Everyone must also be registered, including program participants, presenters, invited guests, performers, office support staff, relatives, hosts, and dignitaries. This policy is consistent with our principle of equity and avoids arbitrary distinctions.

In-person registrants receive access to all workshops, performances, lectures, and events listed in the GA Program, including the exhibit hall and everything offered to Full Virtual registrants. Full Virtual registrants will have access to live-streamed events, networking tools, pre-recorded content, and the virtual exhibit hall.

Open to the public: General Sessions, Service of the Living Tradition, Synergy Bridging Worship and Sunday Morning Worship will be streamed live on and YouTube. Registration is required to attend any events in Portland.