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General Assembly Youth Registration
General Assembly Youth Registration
General Assembly, GA Registration

Youth Caucus at General Assembly (GA)

The GA Youth Caucus is a place for Unitarian Universalist (UU) youth to gather, learn, worship and build community, while also experiencing the rest of what General Assembly has to offer. Youth Caucus this year will include games, networking opportunities, small group reflection, worship and more. If you’re a youth interested in justice work, building connections with other youth from across the country, and having a great time, Youth Caucus is for you. Check out The Complete 2017 User Guide to Youth Caucus at General Assembly for everything you need to know to have a great experience. If you prefer, you can download a PDF Version of the User Guide.

Make sure you have everything you need by using this handy user guide Check List

All General Assembly attendees aged 15 to 17 must register as Youth, though they are not required to attend any Youth Caucus programming after the youth and sponsor orientation. Youth Caucus programming is designed for those who are of high-school age (grades 9-12 in 2016-2017 or the equivalent for home-schooled youth). Even this four-year span can cover a range of experiences, developmental stages and abilities. Most programming is targeted toward the middle of the range. Younger youth may find that the programming asks them to stretch, while older youth may find that the programming is a review, or a reinforcement of other experiences. To see what Youth Caucus has to offer, check out our Program Highlights and How to Connect with Youth at GA.

Youth Caucus includes fun workshops, networking and other social opportunities, worship, and meetings to discuss GA business. Learn about how to get involved with the business of our Association. Youth are also welcome and encouraged to take part in the wider GA programming, including plenary sessions, public witness and worship. Learn about this year's Public Witness.

Youth Caucus is run by a staff of volunteer youth and adults and supported by the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries. Learn about Youth Caucus Staff and ways to Get Support.

More about General Assembly Youth Caucus

Youth Supervision at General Assembly

Each youth under 18 who attends GA must have a GA-registered adult sponsor, aged 25 or older, who is responsible for the youth’s supervision and well-being (one adult may sponsor no more than three youth). Youth Caucus staff is responsible for youth programming and support but not supervision.

However, when violations of the Participant Policies and Covenant occur, a committee of Youth Caucus staff and Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) professional staff is called together to address the infractions and determine consequences, up to and including the youth being sent home at their own expense and being prohibited from attending future national youth events. In such an event, the sponsor is responsible for getting the youth home safely.

Youth Registration

Youth registration is required for all General Assembly (GA) attendees aged 15-17. Eighteen year-olds are not required to register as Youth, but must do so in order to obtain the youth registration rate. Fourteen year-olds may register as youth if they will have completed 9th grade (or the equivalent for home schooled youth) before GA.

For more information about Youth at GA, contact the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries at youth [at] uua [dot] org or (617) 948-4350.

Youth registration for GA is a two-part process:

  1. Complete the Youth Registration Form
  2. Submit the appropriate Youth Covenant, Permission and Sponsor Forms (PDF, 4 pages = instructions + all three forms).
    You may print the PDF, hard-sign and submit forms per instructions;
    -OR- fill out and e-sign online (which can only be done if youth and parent/guardian have different email addresses).
  • All Youth Registrants must complete and submit the Participant Covenant (PDF or Online)
  • Youth Registrants under 18 on 6/22/17 must also (in addition to the Participant Covenant) complete and submit the Parent Permission and Adult Sponsor Agreement (PDF or Online)

Who is Youth Caucus for?

Youth Caucus programming is for everyone! Youth Caucus registration is for those who have completed 9th-12th grade or the home school equivalent. 

I’m 18.

18 is a transitional year for many people, and the answer about whether 18 year olds are part of Youth Caucus is “it depends.” Youth Caucus is structured based on life-stage, not strictly chronological age.

If you were in secondary school (high-school) or being home-schooled during the year preceding GA (2016-2017 school year), then you may choose to consider yourself a youth. This includes those who are over 18 and were still in secondary school.

If you were a college student or in the work-force and not in a secondary school (or home-schooled), then you may choose to consider yourself a young adult.

While 18-year-old youth are eligible for youth registration, they are not required to register as youth.

I’m 14 but just finished 8th grade.

Youth Caucus programming is more about life-stage than strict chronological age. Since programming is really targeted for those who are in the middle of the high-school range, those who have just finished 8th grade may not get their needs met by Youth Caucus programming. That said, you are welcome to attend with a parent. 

Fourteen year-olds who have not yet entered high school (or the equivalent for home-schooled youth) may attend GA events with a registered parent or guardian or enroll in a supervised Children's Program (separate registration required).

More Questions?

We should be your first call or email! (617) 948-4350 or youth [at] uua [dot] org


Learn about Activate Youth Justice @ GA training with the UU College of Social Justice taking place immediately preceding Youth Caucus Orientation.

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