Closed caption text is visible on the large monitors mounted in the GA general session hall.
Off-site Participation in General Assembly
Off-site Participation in General Assembly
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Technology has re-shaped the meetings landscape in recent years—providing new opportunities to connect General Assembly (GA) on-site participants with those who cannot attend in person. GA is transforming from an event at which one needs be present to experience into a hybrid meeting—incorporating off-site delegate participation, live-streaming of events, and social media to create an interactive experience for on-site and remote attendees.

Off-site Registrants Get More GA Online

Off-site Registrants are able to watch and ask questions in live sessions including workshops and business sessions (mini-assemblies, hearings, etc). 

Off-site Voting Delegates are also be able to propose amendments in the live business sessions, participate in debates, and vote in general sessions.

Watching GA from Anywhere

Streamed Events For Everyone

Offsite registration is not required to watch events in the main session hall or our public witness.

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