Virtual Participation in General Assembly

Virtual General Assembly—June 23-27, 2021

For many years we have offered virtual attendance as an option and, this year, we will scale and enhance our technology so that we can accommodate a wider, ideally more global, audience. Across the country, UU congregations have embraced virtual meetings and Sunday services and we know that the number of screens that log in has grown each week. We are excited for what lies ahead!

Virtual GA Participation

All General Assembly (GA) registrants have access to the GA Virtual Participation Portal, which combines multiple modes of participant engagement that include chat, Q&A, and polling. Registrants are able to watch and ask questions in live sessions including workshops and business sessions (mini-assemblies, hearings, etc). ​Delegates may propose amendments in the live business sessions, participate in discussion, and vote in General Sessions.

What is Where

Graphic of what content is on which platforms (PNG image)


Video of public events from General Assembly (GA) 2021 will be live-streamed, June 23-27—no registration required. Public events include the General Sessions, Candidates Forum, Service of the Living Tradition, Synergy Bridging Worship, and Sunday Morning Worship.

If health and safety protocols permit, congregations and groups are encouraged to conduct watch parties for GA events open to the public.Using GA Video for in-person or online events

GA Participation Portal

The Participation Portal is the only place where attendees can watch livestreams of programming, chat in one of the ‘tree’ or identity rooms, and if you are a delegate--participate in the sessions where business items will be discussed and voted on. GA registration is required to access the Participation Portal.

  • Delegate Discussion & Voting Tools
  • Link to Exhibit Hall
  • Live-streamed Workshops & Sessions
  • Main Stage Chat Roll (identity and tree rooms)
  • Main Stage Video

The GA App by Whova

The GA App by Whova is where registrants can network, connect, and socialize with other registrants and exhibitors. Speaking of exhibitors, the Exhibit Hall is greatly expanded and allows for registrants to visit exhibitor booths to collect handouts, talk with the exhibitors, watch videos, and attend live showcase events. GA registration is required to access General Assembly on Whova.

GA registrants can download the Whova app or use the browser-based version.

  • Attendee Messaging
  • Community Discussion Boards
  • Exhibit Hall
  • Photo Gallery
  • Session Feedback
  • Social Posting & Leaderboard
  • Speaker Descriptions
  • Surveys

Available in Both the Portal and the App