Three attendees sit by a convention center window and review the GA Program.

Reviewing the GA Program Book at the Spokane Convention Center in 2019.

2019 General Assembly Program Book is Available!
General Assembly Program Book & Mobile App
General Assembly, GA Programs & Schedule

2020 General Assembly Program Book

General Assembly Mobile App

The GA Mobile App provides program listings, speaker profiles, exhibit guide, schedule and social media connections. Available for iPhone, Android, or as a mobile-optimized website. Advertising space on the App can be reserved November through March 15.

Please note: the UUA does not populate the app with the names of GA attendees. Individuals who are listed in the app are those that have voluntarily created an account and entered identifying profile information (i.e their name and organization). Fellow app users cannot access your contact info, but they can share a message with you through the app. Upon request, an individual can have their profile hidden in the app. Creating a profile in the app is not related to registering to attend GA. There are GA app users who will not be attending GA.

App Privacy Policy

Advertising in the Program Book

GA Advertisement reservations will be available November through March 15. Payment is due when reservations are submitted and will be processed immediately. Accepted forms of payment are Visa, MasterCard, and UUA Budget Code.

There are also opportunities to advertise on the GA Mobile App, General Session Break Slides, and via Direct Email Sponsorship.

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