Credentials for General Assembly

Assigning and Distributing Delegate Credentials

Delegate credentials are issued by email.

Congregations are only responsible for assigning credentials to member delegates. Ministers and religious educators can retrieve their credentials via the Credential Self-Service Portal.

Certified congregations can manage their member delegate assignments online via the Credential Manager.

Credential Manager

Each certified congregation is sent a link to access the Credential Manager. Congregations may also access the Credential Manager by logging into to the congregation's Data Services account online.

You can manually distribute credentials by entering the names and email addresses of the members who will use them. Alternatively, you may select from a list of known GA Registrants. After you assign a credential, the delegate will automatically be sent an email with a unique credential ID. This ID can be used by the delegate to access virtual discussion and voting tools, or in-person voting materials if they are attending GA.

Assignment of delegate credentials does not constitute registration for General Assembly. A delegate credential is an authorization to vote. In order to participate in General Assembly business, delegates must also register for GA.

Delegates who do not receive their emailed credential or who lose track of it may request a replacement via the Credential Self-Service Portal.

If a member delegate must withdraw before or during GA, contact to remove the resigning delegate from the credential. If needed, you may re-assign previously distributed member delegate credentials to an alternate delegate.

Request help with assigning or retrieving credentials here.


If an election is necessary (contested), instructions for casting electronic votes will accompany the delegate credentials. More on elections.