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Delegates raise hands to vote at Plenary VI General Assembly 2013.
Unitarian Universalist Association Elections
Unitarian Universalist Association Elections
UUA Elections

Our elections of people to serve the members and congregations of the Association are at the heart of our fifth principle of our faith and our trust in the democratic process.

2018 Moderator Election

Learn more about this year's special election to fill the bylaw-mandated position of Moderator of the Board of Trustees, and read the Co-Moderators' statement about the nominating process for next year's 2019 Moderator Election.

​2018 Election Slate for UUA Boards, Committees, and Commissions

Find out who's up for election to a UUA board, committee, or commission at GA 2018.

The Election Campaign Practices Committee carries out the UUA's Election Campaign Policies.

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