UUA Election Policies and Official Information

UUA Presidential Nomination 2023 Timeline Summary

Please review the detailed Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) presidential nomination timeline (PDF, 2 pages) composed by UUA Secretary Bill Young.

More Information on Election Policies

UUA.org offers increased opportunities for informing congregations through the use of technologies such as streaming video, video posting, podcasts, and online chats. The UUA will continue, as it has done in past election cycles, to oversee use of online communication related to the election.

For purposes of these policies, the decision for determining whether a person is an “announced candidate” shall be that of the Secretary of the Association, secretary@uua.org. Furthermore, while the UUA will use all communications vehicles at its disposal to inform Unitarian Universalists about the election, only UU World and uuworld.org may cover election campaigns as news.

We are confident that these innovative strategies for communication about UUA elections will enhance congregational involvement in the election process.

  • Candidate Access to Mailing Label Lists
    • Candidates for president, moderator, and financial advisor may receive, electronically, free of charge, mailing label lists for ministers, other Unitarian Universalist (UU) leaders and religious professionals, congregations (including their publicly available email address), districts, and regions. Requests should go to dataservices@uua.org. Except as noted for congregations, email addresses are not available. To receive mailing addresses for individual congregation members, the requestor must first obtain written permission from each corresponding congregation. Emails of individuals are not available.

Contact the UUA Election Campaign Practices Committee at elections@uua.org with additional questions.