Mr. Barb Greve (left) and Elandria Williams (right), Co-Moderators of the UUA, standing in front of podium at opening of General Assembly 2019

Mr. Barb Greve (left) and Elandria Williams (right), Co-Moderators of the UUA, standing in front of the podium at opening of General Assembly 2019

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Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Association
Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Association
UUA Board of Trustees

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Board of Trustees conducts the affairs of the Association and carries out policies and directives, acting for the Association between General Assemblies. The Board is composed of the Co-Moderators, who chair the Board, the Financial Advisor, and ten trustees elected at large. The Youth Observers and the President of the Association are members of the Board without voting privileges. The Board meets at least quarterly, with additional conference call meetings throughout the course of the year.

The Board approves new congregations, associate organizations, and affiliate member organizations; defines rules for Association membership, General Assembly (GA) procedures, ministerial and religious educator credentialing, and delegate accreditation; sets the business agenda for General Assemblies and schedules the time and location; proposes amendments to bylaws and rules; appoints members of board committees and officers of the Association; nominates candidates for Moderator; adopts the annual budget; oversees investments; appoints study commissions as required by the bylaws; creates policies to promote openness and transparency and to establish the boundaries and goals governing the work of the staff and committees; and assigns new congregations to districts.

Contacting the Board

The UUA Board of Trustees welcomes communication, comments, questions, and suggestions. If you would like to contact the Board, including to request time on the agenda at an upcoming board meeting, please email board-contact [at] uua [dot] org. Emails will receive an acknowledgement and will be reviewed by Board members at the next available opportunity, recognizing that Board members are volunteers. Smaller questions and comments may receive a response within a week, while more detailed or substantive questions and comments are typically discussed at the next monthly Board meeting.

If you have an urgent need, contact Stephanie Carey Maron at scarey [at] uua [dot] org

Packets, Minutes, and Reports

News and Announcements

Join the Board's Webinar About What to Expect at General Assembly 2019

In a time of great challenge and heartbreak in our world, what does our faith ask of us?

At this year’s General Assembly (GA), we will explore the power, possibility, purpose, struggle, and joy of finding the path forward together as Unitarian Universalists. During this time of rapid change, the collective practice of our faith evolves and adapts to follow that path. General Assembly 2019 will have new elements that will help us begin to move through the journey, including streamlined business sessions and deep discussion groups to help explore and strengthen “the power of we.” Whether you're a first-time delegate or a long-time attendee, please join us at a pre-GA webinar to learn about some of these changes. Members of the Board of Trustees will provide an overview of some of the changes, along with information for delegates regarding the business sessions. (Read the full list of webinar options.)

Board Announces Resignation of Tim Atkins

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Board of Trustees announced it had received the resignation of trustee Tim Atkins, effective January 13, 2019. Mr. Atkins, elected to the Board in 2015, currently serves as Financial Secretary.

“After much consideration, reflection, meditation, and prayer, I have resigned from the UUA Board. I do not make this decision lightly,” said Mr. Atkins. “I am proud of the work we have accomplished as a faith movement during my four years on the UUA Board, especially around religious education, shared leadership, and dismantling our institutional culture of white supremacy. I feel like I’ve given everything I have for our Association, and now it’s time for new denominational leadership to build off the foundation that I helped to co-create with so many other amazing leaders of our faith.” (Read the full statement.)

Moderator Election Planned for 2020

Earlier this year, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Board of Trustees reported that we did not have a candidate to propose for the 2019 Moderator election. Despite a thorough search by the Moderator Search Committee, there was not a candidate who was willing to undertake the role. In addition, the report from the Search Committee raised specific questions and concerns that came from potential candidates about the structure and expectations of the position. (Read the full announcement.)

Board Announces Resignation of Christina Rivera

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Board of Trustees announced it had received the resignation of trustee Christina Rivera, effective December 31, 2018. Ms. Rivera, elected to the Board in 2014, currently serves as Secretary and previously served as Financial Secretary.

“For the past four and a half years I have had just about every experience you can imagine on the Board,” said Ms. Rivera. “I have put the best of my abilities to work for our faith, serving with a deep and abiding love for Unitarian Universalism. Some of my proudest moments as a UU are intertwined with my Board service, and it is with deep sadness that I tender my resignation.” (Read the full statement.)

Nominations for Election at General Assembly 2019

Elections for the following positions will take place at General Assembly (GA) 2019 in Spokane, WA.

Board of Trustees

  • 3-Year Term
    • Suzanne Fast
    • Sherman Logan
    • Leslie MacFadyen
    • Tom Schade

(Read the full roster along with photos and bios of the nominees.)

Complete Board Announcement List

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