Governance at General Assembly

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Board of Trustees leads the governance process each year at General Assembly (GA). Please check back here regularly for updates as they become available.

Voting for President

The Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt was elected President of the UUA. Delegates referred to our handy election information guide (PDF) for more information.

GA 2023 Final Agenda

The final agenda (PDF) was posted on May, 22, 2023, in accordance with the UUA Bylaws and Rules, Section 4.14. You are encouraged to review the final agenda in preparation for GA.

What to Expect at General Assembly 2023 Webinar

At this year’s multiplatform GA 2023, we will explore the power, possibility, purpose, struggle, and joy of meeting the moment as Unitarian Universalists. Whether you're a first-time delegate or a long-time attendee, we invite you to join us to learn more about what will happen at GA this year. Members of the Board of Trustees will provide an overview, along with information for delegates regarding the business sessions. This webinar was recorded

Slides from What to Expect at GA 2023 Webinar (PDF, 46 pages)

Business Mini-Assemblies

The business mini-assemblies for the rules of procedure and a business resolution will take place before GA begins. Delegates will access the text for each as well as a link to an amendment form via the delegate platform. Zoom information for the mini-assemblies for each item will also be found in the delegate platform. Links to the final text of each item will be added at a later date.

  • Rules of Procedure for GA 2023
    Monday, June 5, 2023
    7pm ET/ 6pm CT / 5pm MT / 4pm PT

Per the UUA Bylaws, the business mini-assembly for the proposed changes to Article II will take place during GA. Zoom information for this mini-assembly will be found in the delegate platform.

  • Article II
    Thursday, June 22, 2023
    12:30pm ET / 11:30am CT / 10:30am MT / 9:30am PT

Social Justice and Actions of Immediate Witness

Learn more about how the Commission on Social Witness (CSW) will help lead delegates in organizing Actions of Immediate Witness (AIWs).

Revising Article II

At General Assembly (GA) 2023, Unitarian Universalists will take an initial vote on proposed changes to Article II of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Bylaws, which includes the current UUA purposes, principles, sources, and clauses on inclusion and freedom of belief. The UUA Board of Trustees encourages you to read the full proposal from the Article II Study Commission and get more information about the process.

Article II Proposal Suggestions and Ideas Form

The UUA’s goal is to maximize discussion and engagement with this proposal, which addresses the foundational values and purposes of our faith community. From April 1-30, 2023, any Unitarian Universalist may submit as many suggestions and ideas as they would like through an online form for ways they recommend modifying the Article II Study Commission proposal (PDF). Each suggestion or idea should describe specific language changes to the proposal, explain the reason, and be limited to a single section of the proposal. Individuals may submit multiple suggestions and ideas.

All qualifying suggestions will be posted for public chat discussion at, starting after April 14. Suggestions must be received by April 30 in order to be posted. Additionally, the UUA Board of Trustees will host public discussion workshops on May 11, 18 and 21, 2023, to review suggestions and ideas. These rounds of public discussion will inform the way amendments are prioritized for discussion and voting at General Assembly.

This submission process for ideas has now closed.

NOTE: Submitting suggestions and ideas through this form is for the purpose of public discussion, and does NOT submit an amendment which could be voted on at General Assembly. Amendments eligible for voting must be separately submitted by delegates through the online delegate platform, which will be available when the GA final agenda is published. Delegate amendments which are based on suggestions or ideas which had been previously discussed through this process are more likely to be prioritized for discussion and voting at General Assembly.

Article II Amendment Discussion Workshops

The following workshops are open to all Unitarian Universalists. Whether or not you submit a suggestion or idea, we encourage you to join us for one or more of these workshops. Register below. (Note that these workshops will not be recorded, but the slides from each workshop will be linked below after the workshop has ended.)

Important Deadlines

  • April 30, 2023
    • Last day to share your Article II proposal suggestions and ideas via the submission form.
  • May 22, 2023
    • Final business agenda posted (30 days beforehand).
  • June 1, 2023
    • Proposed amendments to the rules of procedure and business resolution are due to the Board to be considered a priority.
  • June 1, 2023
    • Election ballots open.
  • June 5, 2023
    • Deadline for formally submitting Article II amendments to be considered a priority.
  • June 6, 2023
    • Deadline for submitting Action of Immediate Witness proposals.
  • June 7-14, 2023
    • Polling period for Action of Immediate Witness proposals.
  • June 14, 2023
    • Board posts final text of rules of procedure and business resolution with incorporated amendments.