The Administration of the Unitarian Universalist Association

In July 2023, the administration of the Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt began it's six-year term, as steward to the covenant member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) make to each other.

As elected chief executive officer, President Sofía Betancourt is accountable to the congregations of the Association and works closely with the UUA Board of Trustees in setting policies and establishing programs. The President is the chief spokesperson for the UUA.

The Executive Vice President, Carey McDonald, is responsible, under the supervision of the President, for the day-to-day management of the Association. He coordinates the work of the UUA legal counsel, is responsible for personnel matters in conjunction with the Director of Human Resources, and acts on the Association's behalf in the President's absence.

The Vice President for Programs and Ministries, Ashley Horan, is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the UUA’s primary programs and ministries in alignment with the UUA’s mission and values.

Leadership Structure

For over a decade, the UUA’s Leadership Council (LC) held holistic leadership on key mission and strategic questions, as well as budget determinations. Its covenant named the LC’s role as “engaging strategic leadership discussions; promoting and navigating cross-staff collaboration, priorities, and alignment; providing a mutual accountability group for senior staff leaders; and tending to the wholeness of our organization,” and that it “provides advice to, and supports the success of, the UUA President.” While the organizational structure of the UUA has shifted significantly in the last ten years the membership of the LC stayed relatively constant. To fully align its structure with its mission, the UUA made the decision in October 2020 to replace the LC with a new three-part structure that is transparent in its authority, fully representative of the organization, and organized to address the key strategic leadership needs of the UUA.

Commission on Institutional Change Implementation/Mission Alignment Team

The Commission on Institutional Change (COIC) Implementation/Mission Alignment Team (CIMAT) is charged with the coordination and monitoring of ongoing work to implement the recommendations of the COIC's final report, Widening the Circle of Concern, which comprise the UUA’s core mission priorities. The CIMAT can make decisions that address mission questions (especially resolving questions that fall between or span across current staff roles) and authorize teams, initiatives and projects to continue that work in the appropriate venue.

Membership – Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt, Carey McDonald, Suzanne Murray, Jessica York, Rev. Carlton Elliott-Smith, Dr. Janice Marie Johnson, Anna Bethea, Rev. Ashley Horan, Shige Sakurai and Rev. Marcus Fogliano

Staff Group Directors Council

The Staff Group Directors Council (SGDC) is charged with the care of the organization through coordinating, reviewing, and consensus-building. Rather than acting as an independent decision-making body, the SGDC has a formal role in providing review and input for specific areas (HR policies/practices, annual budget process, workspace issues, etc.) and provides a channel for systematic implementation of workplace policies. Additionally, the SGDC creates opportunities to build consensus and cohesion across the organization in alignment with the UUA's mission and values, including ensuring that culture change remains at the center and is realized throughout the UUA’s work.

Membership – All staff group directors (these directors report to the President, Executive Vice President, or Chief Financial Officer), with additional Congregational Life Staff representation: Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt, Carey McDonald, Rev. Ashley Horan, Dr. Janice Marie Johnson, Rev. Cecilia Kingman, Rev. Lauren Smith, Christopher Hartley, Jessica York, Rev. Megan Foley, Taylor Hoffman, Gayatri Patnaik, Larry Stritof, Rev. Alicia Forde, Nicole Pressley, Mary Benard, LaTonya Richardson, Mike O’Herron, Hillary Goodridge, and Shige Sakurai.

Executive Advisory Group

The Executive Advisory Group is charged with supporting the success of the UUA President and Board of Trustees by advising the President and Executive Vice President on their decisions and on overall dynamics, strategies, opportunities, and challenges in the broader UU ecosystem. It is an advisory group, not a decision-making group.

Membership – Senior leaders with highest levels of Associational responsibility: Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt, Carey McDonald, Rev. Lauren Smith, Janice Marie Johnson, Jessica York, and Shige Sakurai