Article II Study Resources

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The Article II Study Commission invites you into this study. Find below resources for personal and community reflection and discussion.

Community Conversations

Centering Theology: Conversation about Faith, Race and Liberation

How do we bring to the center the task of addressing White Supremacy within our Institution and congregations, our shared religious values, traditions, and perspective?

Centering Theology

A Group Guide on Discussing Mission and Values

By Commission on Institutional Change

How do we talk about the mission and values that span the berth of the Unitarian Universalist movement? Use this guide within your community to answer this very question.

Mission Values Discussion Guide

Widening the Circle Congregational Resources Learning & Practicing in Our Communities

Welcome to the new home for congregations and leaders implementing the recommendations of the Commission on Institutional Change! We’re excited to announce the release of a Study/Action Guide to the Widening the Circle of Concern report.

Widening the Circle

Reading Materials

The following documents will be reviewed by the Commission in the course of its work. Some of these discuss specific amendment language; others relate to ways in which the UUA can conduct business in a more truly inclusive and democratic manner.