Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is appointed by the Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). The Committee’s primary responsibility is the management of the Unitarian Universalist Common Endowment Fund (UUCEF). This fund holds the assets of the UUA's endowment and assets of UUA congregations and has an investment goal of providing for long-term growth.

You can review the Investment Committee minutes on the Unitarian Universalist Common Endowment Fund website.

For more information on the Unitarian Universalist Common Endowment Fund please visit the UUCEF website.

The Board of Trustees of the UUA has full authority and ultimate responsibility for the management and safekeeping of all funds entrusted to it, including funds provided for management to the Investment Committee of the UUA.

The Committee meets four times at year in the UUA offices in Boston.

If you are interested in attending please email the committee ( to insure that there is space in the meeting room.