General Assembly Planning

At General Assembly (GA) 2022, delegates approved a business resolution to re-envision the role of the GA Planning Committee (GAPC), with 958 yes votes (95.9 percent), 41 no votes (4.1 percent), and one abstention.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2022 hereby suspends until further notice the membership and activities required by the bylaws of the General Assembly Planning Committee. This action creates flexibility to explore more inclusive and innovative GA planning structures.

The Office of General Assembly and Conference Services, in conjunction with UUA Administration and Board oversee development of each GA. The Board directly manages the General Sessions at GA and matters specific to delegates.

Planning for GA is also a collaborative effort that includes the Office of General Assembly and Conference Services staff, UUA Board Moderator(s), a UUA Board liaison, Local Arrangements Chair(s), and a GA Advisory Council. Additionally, the GA Worship Arts Coordinator, GA Music Coordinator, and Care Team Leads contribute to planning.