Love in Action! Dinner Church Worship Kit

Love In Action: Dinner Church Worship Kit

Download the Dinner Church Worship Kit (PDF).

The Article 2 Study Commission, commissioned Rev. Emily Conger and Rev. Aisha Ansano of Nourish UU to create a dinner church worship kit for UU youth groups that explores the theme of Love in Action! Through sharing stories, songs, and food, this participatory worship service invites youth to explore what values are important to them as UUs and how we might live those values in the world.

In addition to the worship script, this kit includes instructions for leading the service, as well as tips to make it meet the needs of your community. The service could be led virtually or in person, by one leader or many, for a small group or a large one. You could provide a full meal to participants, or invite people to imagine gathering at the table together. You can have it in the evening or any other time of day.

We imagine this kit will be a great tool for building community early in the congregational year! This will be a unifying event that all UUA youth groups are invited into. We will be compiling wisdom from these worship experiences to inform how we articulate our values as a faith, and encourage participants to complete our individual survey(Google Form).

Important Documents

Here are sample email templates that you are welcome to use! One is an invitation for folks to join you for worship, and the other is a reminder about the service to send out the day before.

Here is an order of service with question prompts and key links that you can share with participants. Please make a copy and edit that copy if you plan to change it.

Here are slides with music videos and prompts for screen sharing. Please use them in the way that helps you with this service! Please make a copy and edit that copy if you plan to change things.

During the Distilling Values section, you’re invited to use Jamboard to record values that come up. This document has instructions on using Google Jamboard, as well as a link to a Jamboard template that you can copy and personalize.