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Absentee Voting in UUA Elections
Voting in UUA Elections
UUA Governance & Management, UUA Elections

Under the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) bylaws, congregations that have met the certification requirements will receive delegates that can vote in the election in three ways:

  • By voting online.
  • By sending delegates to vote in person at General Assembly (GA). All GA delegates who have voting credentials that were not used to vote online or by paper absentee will be eligible to vote in person.
  • By requesting and completing paper absentee ballots. These ballots must be returned one week before the start of General Assembly.

Congregations have wide discretion in determining whether and how to instruct their delegates. For example, a congregation could hold a congregational meeting to discuss the election and then could direct its delegates to vote for particular candidates. Or the congregation could appoint delegates and allow those delegates to vote their consciences.

Further Information

For all questions: contact Rev. Patrick McLaughlin, UUA Secretary (secretary [at] uua [dot] org).

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