Volunteer Opportunities at General Assembly
Volunteer Opportunities at General Assembly
General Assembly, GA Registration

The General Assembly (GA) Volunteer Committee provides GA registration in exchange for volunteer work at GA. Volunteer Applications must be submitted by March 31. Adult volunteers are required to contribute 18 hours. Youth (grades 9-12) volunteers and those who qualify for reduced registration rates are required to contribute 10 hours.

  • A link to the volunteer application will be posted here February 28 through March 31.
  • All applicants will be notified of acceptance and job assignment by email on April 25. Applicants who do not receive assignments will be given an opportunity to register at the Early Bird rate.
  • Applicants who were Early Bird (November 1 - March 15) registrants will be eligible for refunds, or to apply their payments toward a dormitory housing package.

Available Assignments

Volunteers may request first and second choices for volunteer assignment. Registration volunteers usually work intensely at the beginning of GA and many are done by the weekend. Ushers work during General Sessions (business meeting), so they will likely have lighter schedules on Thursday and Friday and then work intensely on the weekend. Other assignments (Cyber Café, Service Project, and Volunteer Office) may be able to provide a more balanced schedule.

  • Accessibility Services
    Provide information and assistance to individuals with mobility difficulties and those who request other services. Experience with providing services to persons with disabilities is desirable.
  • Atmosphere
    Decorate the spaces used by GA; hang Unitarian Universalist (UU) banners and other decorations. Volunteers must be available to work Wednesday to hang decorations and move “props.”
  • Commission on Social Witness (CSW)
    Must be available Wednesday through Sunday to help staff the CSW booth in the exhibit hall. After an orientation, CSW Volunteers will be able to explain the Social Witness process for congregational study action issues (CSAIs) and Statements of Conscience. Volunteers will also take notes at Mini-Assemblies and solicit ideas on alternatives for social witnessing.
  • Cyber Cafe
    Assist attendees with basic computer functions such as connecting to wifi, using the GA smartphone app, checking email, editing documents, printing boarding passes, accessing the online people finder. Remind attendees of Cyber Cafe time limits when appropriate. Volunteers should be friendly, outgoing, and patient.
  • Exhibit Hall
    Must be available the Tuesday and Wednesday prior to GA to help check-in exhibitors. Must be comfortable saying no and firmly holding to exhibit hall entrance policies during exhibitor move-in.
  • Greeter
    Greet people arriving at the convention center; answer questions and give directions. Most volunteers are needed Tuesday through Friday. Locals preferred.
  • Information Desk
    Provide information about host city; maintain message boards. Volunteers needed to work with the convention center staff providing concierge service, restaurant information, etc. Volunteers should be outgoing and have some familiarity with the local area.
  • Middle School Camp
    Assist with our middle school camp (grades 5 - 8) during GA. The Day Camp will be headquartered at an hotel adjacent to the convention center, but excursions are being planned. Background check required.
  • Online Programming
    Onsite volunteers will assist staff in making GA accessible online. Duties will include live-streaming of general sessions and mini assemblies as well as running software that allows off-site users to vote online and participate in debates. Volunteers should self-identify as techies.
  • Recycling
    Aid our attendees in putting waste in the appropriate streams for GA’s particular state and venue. Volunteers should be outgoing, passionate about environmental sustainability and able to work independently. Additional duties as assigned by the recycling volunteer coordinator.
  • Registration
    Work with Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) staff at registration. Volunteers are needed Tuesday through Thursday and must be available to work Wednesday. Should be friendly, detail-oriented persons.
  • Service Project
    Staff booth in the exhibit hall to collect donations and promote a service project that will benefit the local community.
  • Tech Deck
    Volunteers need to be comfortable with computers and Power Point. Need to available starting Tuesday morning and during General Sessions.
  • Teller
    Work at microphones during General Sessions, controlling delegate queue; assist in tabulating votes during voting sessions. Tellers should be familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order. Two tellers with enunciation skills are needed to read statements or questions from off-site delegates to the delegates in the hall. Volunteers work daily Wednesday through Sunday, and should be friendly but firm. Tellers may not be delegates.
  • Usher
    Maintain order at large functions; distribute materials; check badges; count votes during General Sessions. Volunteers work daily Wednesday through Sunday, and should be friendly but firm. Ushers may not be delegates.
  • Volunteer Office
    Handle volunteer check-in and short term, last minute assignments during GA. Most volunteers are needed Tuesday through Saturday.

General Assembly Chaplains

The General Assembly Planning Committee (GAPC) is committed to providing a rich and rewarding experience to all attendees. As a part of this commitment, the General Assembly Planning Committee is seeking volunteers to serve as General Assembly Chaplains. These individuals must be ministers in final fellowship with the UUA Ministerial Fellowship Committee and in good standing with the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association, who have excellent pastoral skills and bring knowledge and skills in both anti-oppression work and cultural sensitivity. 

An application for GA Chaplain will be posted here in March.

For more information contact generalassembly@uua.org.

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