Volunteer Opportunities at General Assembly
Volunteer Opportunities at General Assembly
General Assembly, GA Registration

The General Assembly (GA) Volunteer Committee provides GA registration in exchange for volunteer work at GA.

The 2020 Volunteer Application has now closed.

Potential Assignments

Volunteers applicants are asked to provide a first, second, and third choice of volunteer assignment. Notifications are sent by email on a rolling basis.

  • Chat Hosts
    Monitor and participate in the chat rooms. Removing inappropriate content and users who are not following the community covenant. Chat hosts will have a direct line to the Tech Ushers and other support staff to provide feedback and be notified of issues.
  • Discussion Room Moderators
    Similar to Chat Hosts but supporting networking and reflection in various online meeting spaces, including regional meet-ups and identity groups.
  • Online Ambassadors
    Similar to the traditional "ask me" volunteers that help attendees get oriented to the local landscape, online ambassadors will assist those who are new to virtual meetings get oriented. General orientations will be available, but ambassadors will provide a human touchpoint for those who might need extra attention while settling in.
  • Online Tellers
    Work during General Sessions controlling delegate queue; assist during mini-assemblies and voting sessions. Tellers should be familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order.
  • Tech Deck
    Powerpoint and image support for governance and large events.
  • Tech Support Volunteers
    Respond to support tickets from registrants requesting help or technical advice. In some cases volunteers may need to call the registrant. Knowledge of video conferencing, streaming, and general computer support required.
  • Tech Ushers
    Help manage the webinars, by starting the event, displaying event title card, playing pre-roll, and starting any pre-recorded content. Post event, ensure recording is edited and ready for on-demand consumption.

For more information contact generalassembly@uua.org.

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