Volunteer Opportunities at General Assembly

Each year, General Assembly is made possible by the contributions of hundreds of volunteers who do everything from editing videos for the on-demand library, to hanging banners in the convention center. GA Volunteers typically work 20 hours, including trainings. All will be expected to attend a workshop on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Accessibility (DEIBA) to be scheduled in May and June. Some (e.g., editors) will work before GA, most will work during GA. Volunteers are offered full-time registration for General Assembly.

Volunteers applicants are asked to provide a first, second, and third choice of assignment.

NOTE: As of February 9, most teams have reached their capacity. We're optimistic about potentially opening up more spots as registrations increase, but space is limited for now. Please feel free to submit your application, though we can't promise immediate placement. Your interest is genuinely appreciated, and while we can't guarantee availability at this time, we'll keep you updated on any changes. Thanks for considering joining us!

General Assembly 2024 Volunteer Application

Volunteer Teams

Accessibility & Inclusion / Accessibility Services

Help registrants encountering accessibility problems with the GA App or Delegate Platform and finding solutions to the problems. Volunteers will work closely with staff to fix issues that can be resolved. Must be comfortable talking on the phone.

App Moderators

Welcome attendees to the spaces for networking and connection in the Whova Event App. Provide discussion prompts and assist attendees in interacting with one another as a function of community building. Remove inappropriate content and remove participants who do not honor the community agreement.


Monitor and participate in the delegate chat rooms. Work on the Delegate Participation Platform to monitor chat and answer questions. Should have knowledge of the governance process.

Work during General Sessions controlling delegate queue; assist during mini-assemblies and voting sessions. Non-delegates strongly preferred, seasoned delegates considered.


GA Chaplains manage and coordinate care for registered attendees experiencing spiritual or physical crisis during GA. Chaplains must be in final fellowship with the UUA MFC and a member in good standing with the UUMA (retired ministers are also encouraged to apply). BIPOC Chaplains are especially sought.

Commission on Social Witness (CSW)

CSW Volunteers will be able to explain the Social Witness process for congregational study action issues (CSAIs) and Statements of Conscience. Volunteers will also take notes at Mini-Assemblies and solicit ideas on alternatives for social witnessing.


The Covenant Team assists registered attendees of virtual General Assembly who are in conflict and/or whose actions violate the GA covenant (Expectations of all General Assembly Attendees and Practices for Fostering Multicultural Dialogue and Community). Team members must have prior training and experience in conflict resolution.

Post Production (Caption and Video Editing)

Review and cleans up the transcripts of recorded content used to generate caption files. Help clean up video submissions. Work includes trimming, stabilizing, adjusting audio levels and noise, and adding pre and post rolls. This team will work closely with the caption editors, tech hosts, and streaming team. Video editing experience is recommended, but not required.


Help with building slide decks for General Sessions using provided templates, and also some pre-production captioning, video processing, and possible video editing.

Systemic Justice

The GA Systemic Justice Team assists registered attendees from currently and/or historically marginalized communities in creating structural change by providing access and advocacy to challenge and change oppressive structures and/or systems. Team members must have a thorough comprehension of the issues of oppression experienced by various individuals and groups in our event community.

Tech Support

Respond to support tickets from registrants requesting help or technical advice. In some cases volunteers may need to call the registrant. Knowledge of video conferencing, streaming, and general computer support required.

Zoom Hosts

Help manage webinars by starting the event, displaying event title card, playing pre-roll, and starting any pre-recorded content. Post event, ensure recording is edited and ready for on-demand consumption.

Monitor and participate in the chat rooms. Removing inappropriate content and users who are not following the community covenant. Chat hosts will have a direct line to the Tech Support and other support staff to provide feedback and be notified of issues.