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Scholarship Opportunities for Attending General Assembly
Scholarship Opportunities for Attending General Assembly
General Assembly, GA Registration

General Assembly Scholarships

Scholarship information for 2019 will be posted here when available.

For General Assembly (GA) 2018, anyone with a relationship to a Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregation or UU organization (covenanted community), was encouraged to apply for a GA Scholarship. There are many different funding sources available via the General Assembly Unified Scholarship Application:

  • General Assembly Planning Committee (GAPC)
    The Planning Committee will provide registration and match up to $250 of congregational support. 
  • Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA)
    The UUA has committed additional funding to the 2018 GA budget in order to help facilitate the participation of People of Color and Indigenous (POCI) Persons at GA.
  • UUA Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries
    After Youth Group Grants are reviewed and approved, funds are distributed via youth and young adult grants (full-time registration and $0-500 in travel funds). 
  • The Katie Tyson Fund for Youth and Young Adult Ministry
    This award is provided to youth and young adults who demonstrate outstanding leadership (full-time registration and $500 in travel funds).
  • Jerry And Denny Davidoff Fund For Lay Leadership
    This year the Davidoff Fund for Lay Leadership will be used to support the attendance of youth and young adults of color at General Assembly and other leadership events.
  • Contributions from General Assembly attendees
    Funds collected via voluntary contribution during GA registration are distributed in the same year they are donated; 2018 registrants will help fellow attendees in Kansas City.

Applications are accepted from March 1 through March 31. There are also Youth Group Grants available for youth groups attending GA together.

Priority will be given to applicants who:

  • will serve as delegates from a congregation
  • are members of historically marginalized communities (People of Color, LGBTQ, differing ability, etc.) and who share that identification on their application
  • have financial hardship
  • are leaders in their congregations
  • represent congregations that have not previously or recently been represented at General Assembly
  • receive a pledge of a specified amount of support from a UUA congregation 

Applications and congregational pledges (endorsements) must be submitted no later than March 31. 

ALL scholarship notifications will be sent on April 25. Please do not register for General Assembly while your scholarship application is still pending. If your award includes a funded full-time GA registration, you will receive instructions for completing the registration process. If you do not receive a funded registration, you will be notified in time to register yourself before the rates increase (May 1).

ALL UUA scholarship checks are distributed only at General Assembly. If you are awarded a matching grant or travel funds, the award will not be available before you arrive at GA. ALL scholarship checks must be picked up in person at the General Assembly Office in the Convention Center. Congregations may distribute funds to applicants at any time.

All youth (grades 9-12 or the equivalent) must sign a Youth Caucus Participant Covenant, Parent Permission and Sponsor Agreement forms, and have qualified adult (age 25+) sponsorship while at GA. You may submit the scholarship application now and complete the requirements for youth registration when your application is accepted. More information for Youth.

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