Guest In Your Pulpit - Elizabeth Ann Terry

Guest in Your Pulpit

Elizabeth Ann Terry - Thank you for the care and love that you share at your congregation. I am a self-professed UUEvangelist. Believing that our faith has the capacity to help individuals find their spiritual gifts, change lives, and to save the soul of the world, I am eager to share my love for our Beloved Unitarian Universalist faith with others. You can find out more about me on the UUA website.

Programs/Sermons and Offerings

  • I offer workshops and webinars on community organizing/fundraising, congregational stewardship, leadership development, and UU evangelism. Available to guest preach at your congregation, we can explore those subjects and other that will help your congregation realize your vision and have success in achieving your mission and goals.

Availability: Anytime, options for online or virtual.

Fee arrangements: A contribution and travel expenses, when traveling is required, will be welcome.

Contact: Email Elizabeth Terry at